What You Need to Know About IGTV

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Instagram has launched its own social media video-based app: Instagram TV, or IGTV, which allows users to share vertical videos that can be up to one hour long. This is a great alternative for those who enjoy the Instagram Stories feature but wish they could post longer videos (that won’t disappear after 24 hours) without having to post to YouTube, for example.

Wondering how to use IGTV? You can simply download the IGTV app from the app store, or you can access it through the Instagram app at the top right corner of the home page. Keep in mind that the IGTV video won’t interfere with the Instagram Stories you’ve already been posting.


Here are a few IGTV tech specs to keep in mind when uploading your social media video files:

  • Videos can be 15 seconds to 60 minutes
  • Videos are vertical and full screen (9:16)
  • Files must be .MP4 and up to 3.5GB
  • Available for both iOS and Android

And here’s the basics for how to use IGTV to upload your videos:

  • Open the Instagram app and click the TV icon seen in the upper right corner of the screen
  • Click your profile picture
  • Choose vertical video and click next
  • Edit your cover for the video and add a title, description
  • Post! Congratulations, your IGTV is live for the world to see!

How to Use IGTV as a Brand

Like YouTube, IGTV offers brands the ability to tell their stories in a longer format. While there isn’t a specific type of video you should be using, you should consider how you have been using Instagram Stories and how you could make that content longer. If you can’t figure out how best to use the IGTV app, look at what other brands have been uploading to their own YouTube or IGTV channels for some inspiration  or find inspiration from within.

For example, are you a wine brand? Consider shooting a social media video interview of your winemaker or a tour of your vineyard. No matter how you decide to use the new IGTV app, make sure your content is on-brand with your current voice on the Instagram platform.

Just like with anything on Instagram, make sure the quality of your IGTV videos is top-notch — viewers no longer want to see blurry, poorly edited content. In addition, make sure your content is real and relatable, while still being great quality. Keep in mind that there is also an “explore” feature on the app that allows users who don’t necessarily follow you to catch your videos. Also, since your IGTV will be linked directly to your existing Instagram account, your followers will be able to view your IGTV channel directly from the Instagram app, not just the IGTV app.

What About AdvertisinG on IGTV?

Instagram hasn’t announced any paid advertising for IGTV, but the platform did note that it plans to find a way to pay top content creators for their efforts. We do feel that if this venture is successful, IGTV will be another great place for brands to place their ads.

Right now, Instagram's IGTV is a fun new way for brands to tell their stories using social media video to connect with their customers. There’s no reason why you shouldn’t be on IGTV — the hardest part is just getting creative with your content to stand out from the crowd!

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