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Several months ago, Instagram announced it is developing a new way for brands to sponsor influencer-generated content by creating a new ad type called “branded content ads.” Well, this new ad type has officially launched! Now, with the creator’s permission, businesses can promote branded content as feed ads targeting specific audiences. Whether you are a social media influencer or business marketer, here’s what you need to know to get started.

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Steps for the Creator


Branded content ads can help Instagram influencers gain more visibility by reaching new audiences beyond their followers. However, as content creators, they must provide businesses permission to promote their posts as branded content ads. This can be done by following these simple steps:


  1. Create your content on Instagram.
  2. Prior to sharing your content, select Advanced Settings.
  3. Add the branded content tag by tapping on Tag Business Partner and searching for the business.
  4. Under the Branded Content Partner Permissions section in the top right corner, turn on the Allow Business Partner to Promote button.
  5. Hit Done.
IG Branded Content

Note: To tag a business partner on an existing post, select Edit and start with step #3.


Steps for the Business partner


Once the Instagram influencer has granted you permission as a branded content business partner, you are able to create an ad from the influencer's content by following these easy steps:


  1. Go to Ads Manager and create an ad.
  2. Select one of these objectives: Reach, Brand Awareness, Video Views or Engagement.
  3. Just as you would when promoting your own content, select your Audience, Budget, and Placement.
  4. At the ad level, click Select Post and you will see a tab for Branded Content. Select the influencer-generated post from the list.
  5. Once you finished creating your ad, click Confirm.
Ads Manager



After your ad is live, you can view the reporting metrics in Ads Manager.

With influencer marketing becoming a major source of Instagram content, the team at THAT Agency and I are glad to see the platform is making efforts to make it more convenient and beneficial for both parties – the social media influencer and the business marketer. If you need help with social media marketing strategies for your business, contact the professionals at THAT Agency… we are happy to help!


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