How to Add a Video to Your Google Business Profile, and Why

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Google does its best to try to serve users with local results whenever possible or relevant. And as a digital marketing agency working with many businesses that would love to build an excellent local presence, we always work with our clients to properly optimize their Google Business Profiles (GBP). While there are many aspects to focus on when it comes to crafting a great GBP, in this article, we just want to focus on video. Specifically, how to add a video to your Google Business Profile, and why you should take advantage of this feature.

Adding a Video to a Google Business Profile

Alright, first and foremost, let’s just quickly go through how to add a video to your Google Business Profile, and then we’ll look at why this is important and how it can help your business’s online presence. Here are the simple steps:

  1. Once you have logged in to your Business account on Google, go to your GBP and click on “Photos” in the menu on the left of your screen.
  2. Now, above your photos, there is a menu with a few different columns you can select from. There, you want to click “video”.
  3. Once in the video section, you can either simply drop an MP4 or MOV onto the page to upload it, or you can hit the blue plus in the top right corner, and then select the video file from your computer.

Why You Should Add a Video to Your GBP

Whenever Google comes out with a new feature or tweaks its algorithm, it is fair to assume that Google wants people to use the new feature, and so their algorithms will favor the sites or pages that utilize it. It’s never been confirmed in concrete language, but all forms of search algorithms play into this a little bit. 

Instagram, for example, wanted people to make Reels, so they encouraged more creators and users to do so by making Reels more discoverable. Pages that adopted Reels early on could grow at a much faster rate than pages that didn’t. We saw the same thing happen when YouTube introduced Shorts. And since YouTube is a part of Google, it is fairly safe to assume that similar things are happening in the realm of Google Business Profiles. 

So, now this begs another question, what video should you feature in your GBP?

What Kind of Videos to Feature in Your GBP

Your GBP featured video should be no longer than thirty seconds, can be either a portrait (vertical) or landscape (horizontal) video, and should be in HD (1080p or 4K). And, you don’t have to shoot your own video if you don’t want to! Here are some ways you can utilize this section of your GBP. 

  1. Shoot a quick video of yourself, or someone else, giving a high-level overview of what your business has to offer and why someone should visit your site. It could be a quick run-through of your product lines or service offerings, or it could be a simple “what we do and why we do it” type video. 

  2. Give your potential clients/customers a tour. If you have a physical store, warehouse, restaurant, bar, etc that would properly showcase your business and entice people to visit, then play to your strengths!

  3. Infographic. If you don’t want to be on camera, and neither does anyone else in your company, then you aren’t out of luck! Using tools like Canva, you can create text-and-image-based videos with or without background music/sound. You can also pay to have one of your service pages or blogs turned into a quick summary video with text and a B-roll (related stock footage).

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