How Inbound Marketing Will Help You Sell More Cars

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Want to sell more cars? Think pull not push. Consumers dislike what they perceive as a confusing, high-pressure buying process, and the stereotype of the overbearing salesperson lingers. Customers don’t want dealerships to push them into purchasing a car.

How Inbound Marketing can Help You Sell More Cars | THAT Agency

But you can pull them -- that is, entice them -- into making the right decision for their needs, desires, lifestyle, and budget. How? Inbound marketing.


Pull Customers In

Inbound marketing is sometimes called “pull marketing.” Instead of pushing your message out via TV, print, or online ads, you pull interested customers in with SEO, social media, content marketing, and other techniques. This empowers them to engage with your brand on their terms.

Don’t get us wrong, outbound, or push, marketing can be incredibly effective as well. Having a good balance of inbound and outbound is essential.

Disclaimer over! Inbound marketing helps dealerships sell more cars because it aligns with customers’ preferred buying styles. They want to research online, look into makes and models online, compare prices online, fill out credit applications online… you get the idea. They want to do this all at their convenience, not yours.

An Accenture survey confirms this: 75% of buyers said that “if given the opportunity, they would consider making their entire car-buying process online, including financing, price negotiation, back office paperwork and home delivery.”

That said, however, an AutoTrader survey revealed that 88% of buyers said they will not buy a vehicle unless they test drive it, and 84% indicate that they want to buy in person. So it’s the “nitty-gritty” research, comparisons, and paperwork that they want to do in the comfort of their own homes or on their commutes (insert plug for mobile-responsive websites!).

This means your salespeople are as vital as ever. But now, they have another tool to wield: your online presence and content.

Energize Your Sales With Inbound Marketing Services

Inbound marketing techniques support each stage of the buyer’s journey. This enables you to reach people wherever they are -- not with ham-handed, interruptive messages but with content that they seek out.

Here’s an example: say Driver A is in the “awareness stage.” She realizes she has a “problem.” Maybe her car is getting a bit old. Maybe she needs a bigger model or she needs to scale down to a smaller one. Maybe her current ride guzzles gas or doesn’t have the tech she wants. Whatever it is, she is aware of her need. What she may not be aware of, however, is your brand.

You need to build this awareness through videos, blogs, whitepapers, how-tos, tips, guides, etc. Your content should always be customer-focused and offer relevant, valuable information. For instance, instead of “10 Reasons We’re the Best Auto Dealer in South Florida!”, opt for “10 Tips for Finding the Perfect Car” or “What to Look for in a Hybrid.”

The goal is to get Driver A to realize you’re the best auto dealer in South Florida without hitting her over the metaphorical head with it. You are the best because you provide her with the answers for which she’s searching. You’ll build trust and a relationship with her, which you can build on when she moves ahead in her buyer’s journey.

Lead the Way

Inbound marketing also helps you manage leads more efficiently. Savvy dealerships, for example, can leverage lead tracking software to identify potential buyers. The software uses cookies to collect IP addresses, and integrates information from your CRM to connect them to individuals. You’ll have insight into their website use and any interactions they’ve had with your brand. This enables you to send them the right communications at the right times, from emailing a free whitepaper download with great info or running a targeted Facebook Ad.

Another benefit of pull marketing is that you educate your leads. They’ve read, they’ve watched, they’ve compared, they’ve contrasted. When they come in for a test drive and, hopefully, a purchase, they will be better informed. They will also have an already-established rapport. The result: the streamlined car-buying process customers want.

Sell more cars by pulling drivers to you instead of pushing them away with outdated tactics. Customers, and your bottom line, will appreciate it.

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