Facebook Now Allows You to Promote Influencer Published Content

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With influencer marketing on the rise marketers are pouring their advertising dollars and efforts into leveraging these authorities to drive ROI for their brands. With that said, most companies would recreate or re-publish influencer created content to use at their own disposal in ads, testimonials and newsletters. Now Facebook is cashing in as a free distribution outlet for branded content and influencer marketing so businesses can share the original branded post as an ad when the post is branded using the Facebook labeling system.

Technically marketers could do this before by simply re-sharing influencers content and putting dollars behind it, but it often looked chunky, disorganized, and allowed people to click the photo to go to the original post crediting their engagements to the influencers post rather than your sponsored re-share. Now brands can sidestep the sharing a promote the original post as an ad. The picture below represents the new re-share using the Facebook branded content labeling system on the left, and the old branded content re-share with dollars put behind it.

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It is easy to notice that the new version is more appealing to the eye and less confusing. Facebook eliminated the share requirement to help businesses re-share branded content in a more aesthetic manner in hopes to increase results.

Facebook is also rolling out controls for publishers and influencers to list which brands they will allow to promote their content, only the brand that an influencer has tagged in the post can promote it as an ad, and only if the publisher/influencer checked the box to allow the brand to promote it. Same goes for the other way around, brands can also control which publishers or individuals tag their brand by going to the “Branded Content” tab within page settings and click on require approvals. The brand can then search and add which profiles can tag them in posts.


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