Facebook Marketing Tricks for Hotels

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Hotel social media marketing is key to building a thriving brand in today’s fast-paced world. Are you leveraging Facebook to its full potential?


While everyone and their mother is on Facebook, watching viral videos, swapping memes, and arguing politics, this social media giant is also a business behemoth. With a host of brand-building tools that empower you to reach your target audience, this is a resource that hotels cannot afford to leave untapped.

So let’s get tapping with these top tricks and tips:

  • Utilize Facebook pixel. This is a snippet of code that you place on your website header. Pixel enables you to track conversions from Facebook ads, analyze performance and optimize ads, build targeted advertising audiences, and remarket to qualified leads (you can retarget anyone who visits your site or reach people who complete specific actions, such as signing up for an offer or booking a room). Pixel also allows you to accurately attribute conversions, which can inform your budget process.
  • Leverage Dynamic Ads for Travel. Brands can no longer afford “spray and pray” marketing (i.e. mass communications with little to no targeting). Facebook allows you to promote the right products to the right people. Dynamic Ads target people who have shown interest in your brand (via your website, app, search, etc.). You can upload your hotel catalogue, implement dynamic pricing for real-time accuracy, build targeted audiences, increase conversion and revenue, and more.
  • Set up a reach and frequency campaign. This tool empowers you to set a fixed cost per 1000 impressions (CPM). You’ll know what you’re going to spend to reach your target audience before you even launch your campaign. You can control how many times your ad is displayed to your audience, the days and times of day on which it is displayed, and the order in which they see them. Control your spend, control your results.
  • Get interactive with Canvas Ads. Canvas Ads are geared towards mobile user; they load instantly and give people access to compelling videos and photos, the ability to tilt to manipulate the view, and the option to swipe through carousels to view more content - all without leaving the ad. Capturing mobile users is critical. According to Google research:
    • 94% of leisure travelers use at least two devices to plan and book a trip.
    • 31% of leisure travelers have booked via smartphone.
    • 53% of business travelers have booked a trip via smartphone.
  • Tap into chain power. If you run a flagged hotel, leverage the franchise’s loyalty program. You can precisely target ads to capture the interest of members and/or potential members. You build awareness and put your hotel top of mind ahead of other branded establishments in your area.

You need a strong mobile game to compete - and win - with these consumers.

Need more ideas? Consult with an agency that focuses on hotel marketing services. Facebook is a potential brand powerhouse; let’s make the most of it.

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