Facebook Dynamic Ads for Car Dealers

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There are certain words that are designed to elicit a strong reaction from people. “Fantastic”. “Amazing”. “Dynamic”. We get so used to hearing these words that we often tend to ignore them when we do. “It can’t be that dynamic”, we think. But sometimes, it is, and that’s  the case when it comes to Facebook Dynamic Ads.

How do these “dynamic” ads work more effecitvely and efficiently than standard advertisements? Can you truly use social media for car dealerships to actually boost your profits?

Facebook Dynamic Ads for Car Dealerships | THAT Agency

Understanding Dynamic Ads

We all know that social media marketing, when done correctly, can significantly boost profits. Social media makes it easy for a potential customer to view your inventory and share, especially when you are promoting specials. With just one little tap on a smartphone you have an ad that could be viewed by thousands of people, which is why employees who work for a car dealership marketing agency often spend a great deal of time utilizing social media.

Traditional Facebook ads work fine, but dynamic ads take it up a notch, especially if you’ve come to realize that changing up your ads and content regularly gives you a much better chance at boosting your sales. Dynamic ads use a template to help keep your advertising fresh. You create the template, then the program uses details and images from your page to keep your ads fresh.

Every time you feature new vehicles, the dynamic ad syncs it up to your template, meaning that every potential customer who sees the ad is going to see the new products you’re marketing, keeping your ads looking fresh and now.


Do It Yourself?

The car dealership industry is an ever-moving one. If you’re not getting information on the newest cars on the lot you’re selling to the newest clients who just walked onto it. The fact that you’re constantly busy is one reason why it’s so hard to keep on top of social media for car dealerships. Not only does it seem like there’s always a new car or deal to update, you have to answer messages and comments from potential customers as well.

Hiring a car dealership marketing agency is one way to keep on top of all of your social media demands while, at the same time, boosting your website traffic. By hiring experts in the social media world you’re enabling them to use their expertise for you, giving you the time you need to focus on real world customer interaction.

By entrusting digital interaction to a car dealership marketing agency, your focus can stay where it needs to be. Just make sure that you speak with your marketing experts about Facebook dynamic ads in order to see exactly how you can put them to work for your business.

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