Facebook Adds More Features to Prompt Engagement

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Facebook is currently testing more indications to prompt people to interact in real-time. This is nothing new for Facebook, in fact, they have been pursuing this ability for years. With the popularity in the release of live-stream videos, Facebook has taken notice to the fact that users engage more and longer when we get instant gratification. Due to this new-found knowledge Facebook is focusing their efforts to keep people active on their app for longer periods of time by serving them just the right dose of everything they want to see and can quickly digest.

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So, what are some of these new indicators?


Currently being tested on select user profiles you will be able to notice if someone is online with a green dot or “Active” notification next to their image whether you are friends with them or not.

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Another similar indicator are Page Admin alerts which display when a Page admin is active prompting you to send them a message.


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Facebook is testing these features to see if engagements on posts increase. Inspired by live-streams success showing that people are 10x more likely to comment on live videos than on regular videos, and that they engage for 3x longer when it is live, compared to after. This shows Facebook that people take a liking to be noticed instantly and get feedback or a reaction. Knowing that your friends are active and engaging prompts you to engage. What is your opinion on this? Do you think Facebook is getting a little too personal? It is true that some people may not want others to know when they are active. We will see these tests rolling out over the next few months and with more openness Facebook always follows with the ability to also filter these options to keep your personal preferences heard.

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