Email Marketing Trends to Look for in 2022

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The digital world gets more competitive for companies on a daily basis, and keeping existing customers engaged while ensuring new customers can find and connect with you is complicated. Email may not seem like a very powerful platform, but the simple reality is that it’s one of the best ways to communicate with existing and potential consumers every single day. 

Not working for you? Maybe you’re not using it well. In fact, if you’re really going to connect, paying attention to the email marketing trends 2022 will bring is nothing short of a must if you intend to use this platform to your advantage. What will those trends be? Take a look at the headliners you’ll want to consider integrating into your next campaign this year.  

email marketing trends 2022

Don’t Forget to Optimize For Every Screen

You’ve probably already done this for your website, but it’s time to do it for your email campaigns as well. Mobile-first design has to be taken into account as people will quickly ignore your email if it doesn’t look great and perform well on every kind of screen. Millions of people ONLY check email on a mobile device today, so if you’re going to capture them, make sure your next campaign displays well on every kind of screen. 

Incorporate User Generated Content

Content that your users create has long been part of the social media landscape for many companies, but it works just as well in the world of email marketing too.

When potential customers see others using your products and services or read about how they’re working in their own lives, it could be an influence that pushes them to click through and even convert eventually. For many, the drawback here is actually collecting the content, but you can make that fairly easy with a quick social media push.

Make Each Email Interactive

The idea of the customer journey is a very real one, and the goal of any email campaign has to be to get customers to interact on some level. Your emails can help make that happen by including things like surveys, product carousels that users control, or even a game. 

You’ll want to ensure that they can interact within the email itself, though, rather than clicking from email to website. By reducing those steps, you’re going to be able to maximize engagement and increase your overall conversion rate. 

Review Performance Regularly

If you want to get the most from your emails, you’ll want to look at a number of different metrics. The Open Rate is maybe the most popular metric available, but it may not be able to provide you with everything you want.

Instead, look to options like your click-through rate and other response actions. Look at sales and conversions, and anything else that might help you understand the performance data you’re seeing. 

Take Advantage of AI

One of the biggest drawbacks of email marketing is the fact that there’s so much data to sort through as you try to review your performance. Marketing automation, in the form of AI, can make that easier. It can offer you the insights you need to fine-tune upcoming campaigns.

Whether you’re trying to decide when to send, what kinds of subject lines work best, or what the potential outcome can be, AI can help sort through the data and organize it in a way that makes sense for your entire team. It could even help accelerate your next campaign so you can get on track as quickly as possible. 

Personalize Everything

Some level of personalization is nearly a must these days, but you’re going to have to push harder in 2022. You’ll want to personalize everything about your emails from the subject line to the body content to the delivery timing.

You may even need to personalize the kinds of offers that are in a given customer’s inbox. If you’re utilizing AI, that’s going to make it easier than ever to make sure each client feels as if you actually understand what they want. 

Protect Customer Privacy

People want personalized information (which necessarily means data sharing), but along with that, they want companies like yours to protect their privacy. Make sure you’re doing what you can by informing them what your privacy policy looks like and who gets access to their information.

More than that, though, be ready to adapt to changing legislative requirements over the next several months, as the regulatory framework is always shifting both at the federal and state levels. 

Deliver MORE than a Good Email

The email matters, but the landing page matters more if you’re truly going to achieve the higher conversion rate you want. When they click through, give them something exciting that truly works. Consider bringing on a professional team to ensure everything is in place to get the conversions you want most. 

Looking for a way to ensure your emails connect with your customers? Let us help. Our team offers turnkey digital marketing services that can ensure your message reaches the right customers, and thanks to comprehensive analysis, we’ll help you take a closer look at just how powerful our work can be. To learn more, contact us today. 

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