A Handy Guide to the Different Facebook Ad Types

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 As of this writing, there is no more cost-effective way to reach a targeted group of consumers than Facebook and Instagram Advertisings. For the exclusive purposes of this post, we'll use Facebook to encompass both Facebook and Instagram, since their ad process is virtually the same, being that Facebook owns Instagram.

Facebook has a great, data-backed ad platform that can drive some serious business results when used properly. To drive results, you must understand the different Facebook Ad types and how to use them. Using the wrong ad type can cause a campaign to grossly underperform, thus wasting time, money, and potential. Take a peek at this quick guide to the different Facebook Ad types and some tips on when to use them!

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  • App Engagement - App Engagement ads can be used to stimulate activity within an app by targeting current users. This is a terrific way to re-engage users with new app features or updates
  • App Installs - App install ads are geared towards enticing new users to download an app. So, naturally, this only applies to companies that have a mobile app. The ad copy should showcase the app’s features and functionality.
  • Brand Awareness – Brand Awareness Ads are a terrific way to promote content to a targeted audience to generate impressions and engagement. Use this ad type when you want extra visibility to a content piece. These ads are also known as “boosting” posts.
  • Store Visits – Store Visits ads help target users in a specific geo-location to entice users to visit a brick and mortar store. To use these ads, you must have a location set on the Facebook Page you want to use to run the campaign. With Store Visits ads, you can give users directions to physical store with a call-to-action.
  • Local Awareness – Local Awareness ads are great for raising awareness for a brand in a specific geo location. These ad units are like the Brand Awareness ads, but differ in that these are more oriented to raising awareness around a location opposed to an overarching brand.
  • Website Conversions – Website Conversion ads are used to drive specific actions on your website. Use these ads if you want to influence users to click on the ads and convert immediately. We recommend using these with a Consideration or Decision stage campaign.
  • Clicks to Website – Website Click ads are probably the most common Facebook Ad unit. These allow a targeted audience to visit a desired webpage. Use these to generate traffic to your website.
  • Event Ads – Event ads promote an upcoming event in efforts to get more responses. Use these if you have an important event coming up and you don’t have an event signup page on your website.
  • Offer Claim Ads – Offer Claim ads are a wonderful way to promote a unique offer to a targeted audience on Facebook. Be sure to customize your call to action to the specific offer and have a landing page where users can click through and claim the offer.
  • Lead Generation Ads Lead Generation ads allow you to capture a user’s information without having to send the user to a landing page on your website. With a few clicks, they can submit their information right there on Facebook. Handy when trying to build an email list!
  • Page Likes – Use Page Likes campaigns to build your Facebook following and expand the reach of your posts. Page Likes aren’t the defining metric that they used to be, however winning new Page Likes helps expand the organic reach of your content.
  • Post Engagements – Use Post Engagement ads to increase the engagement your content gets. With more engagement, you get more organic reach, so use this to promote your best posts! Post Engagement ads also feature a Like Button which can help stimulate growth to your page as well!

There you have it! A handy guide to the different types of Facebook Ads. Want to learn more about Facebook Ads? Click here to see a report on average performance benchmarks per industry!

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