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Google Search Console Updates

Posted at Dec 17, 2015 10:46:10 AM by Enid Glasgow | Share

THAT Agency Presents Google Search Console Updates


Google has recently updated the way in which it pulls in, processes, and logs data into the Search Analytics section of the Google Search Console dashboard (formerly referred to as Google Webmaster Tools).

If you look into the Search Analytics report within your Google Search Console (formerly referred to as Google Webmaster Tools) this week, you probably noticed an out-of-place vertical black line in the middle of your performance graph data. The update is highlighted on December 14th, when Google made some updates to the way in which it pulls in, processes, and logs all of the visibility/visitor (click and impression) data into the Search Analytics report. The great part about this highlight is that Google has always been making small (and sometimes larger) changes to the algorithms that gather data into [previously] Google Webmaster Tools, and [now] Google Search Console. However, they often didn't update us. Furthermore, this allows us a great way to look back (when comparing month over month data, perhaps) and and see that if there's a big discrepancy - we quickly remember why; there's a reminder there.

What are you talking about?

If you're having trouble locating this update, you can see it directly within the Search Analytics screen of your Google Search Console. It will look like this:

Search Analytics Report Update in Google Search Console | THAT Agency

So what did Google do?

In this Google support page about data anomalies, you can see more information about this, and other anomalies (from past dates). Google states the there are two reasons for this alert; they are as follows:

  • Websites: An update was made to the web search analysis logs and it may increase the total number of impressions and possibly even: clicks.


Go into your Google Search Console and take a look. You might already be able to see increases in your traffic (impressions and actual clicks). - Though we would recommend waiting at least a week or two to see if the changes aren't just a coincidence. (If you look at the trend(s) in the above report: while it might seem like there was an increase on Dec. 14th, we know that its likely not related. The trend has already started to decrease again, and when looking at the full month, we can see those fluctuations occurring throughout...)

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UPDATE: Google had originally stated that the update only affected websites; however they have since come out to add in the addition of the data from the new app install button, as also making an effect on the data. The following was added to that Google Support page:

  • Apps: Data from the new app install button in search results was added to the report, and it may increase the total number of clicks and impressions.

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