Is Search Engine Marketing Right for Your Company?

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You may have went on Google to look for your company’s products and noticed that your competitors are listed prominently at the top and side of the page search results page. As a business owner, you know have to ask “What did they do to get there?” What they have done is what is called “search engine marketing” or SEM. Whether or not you rank well organically in search engine results, pay-per-click advertising is a sure way to get in front of your audience when they are ready to buy. Need more convincing? Here are some reasons to consider a SEM campaign for your business:

Get in Front of Potential Customers

When a consumer is searching for your product or service, SEM helps you get in front of that potential customer immediately after the search for it. You can catch the user before they get a chance to shop around! Imagine it being as if someone was leaving their house to look for a car dealership, and a car dealership was waiting at the end of their driveway with a sign that says “Lease now for $0 Down!”

Target Your Customers and Customize Your Message to Them

As with most businesses, you probably offer more than one product or service. So, why should you only have one type of ad? If your customer is searching for “BMW 5 Series lease specials in South Florida”, you want the next thing they see to be your ad offering them an unbeatable deal on a new 5 Series BMW. With SEM, you can do that. You can tailor your ad to match the search query of the person shopping for what you offer!

SEM Benefits Your Current SEO Campaign

If you currently have a well-optimized site it doesn’t mean that you are getting every possible click and customer coming to your site. You may be showing up at the top of the organic search results, but your competitors are running ads that are targeting specific keywords the user is searching for, thereby getting the sale. To maintain a competitive advantage you need to be competing! By owning two spots on the Google results page (in Paid and Organic results), you only serve to make your business more noticeable, and double your chances of being clicked.

The Truth is in the Data and Analytics

The information you gain from pay-per-click advertising campaigns can be invaluable. By targeting specific keywords customers are searching for, you can then look at the data to determine which keywords are driving the most customers to your site. This information can be used to improve your other SEM ads as well as your overall SEO efforts, leading to increased visibility and conversion rates!

At THAT Agency, our SEM Specialists have years of experience in getting your product or service in front of potential consumers looking to make a purchase. So what are you waiting for? Let us get your product or service in front of potential customers today.

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