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Today’s Best Advertising News & Articles

Posted at Nov 19, 2014 2:45:23 AM by thatagency | Share

To help you get you get over the hump, we have once again put together what you need to know today in the world of digital advertising:

1. Facebook dropped a bombshell when it announced that it is working on a change to its News Feed algorithm that will result in drastically less promotional posts seen by users who have “liked” a company page.

2. New data shows that Facebook is “gobbling up” YouTube’s audience as it increases its share of the online video market.

3. A new study by Fractl provides insight on what motivates people to share content on social media.

4. Do you think you just got hit by Penguin 3.0, but the data doesn't quite make sense? You might be looking at a Penguin-Panda-Pirate combo!

5. Could Snapchat’s recent release of Snapcash be the beginning of targeted ads? The new peer-to-peer payments feature may prove very lucrative for the ephemeral messaging service.

6. As the end of 2014 approaches, we have looked back at some of the most memorable brand wins and fails of 2014.

7. Chances are you are already promoting your holiday content, but are you doing it correctly? Buzzstream has some tips on how to win (and fail) when promoting holiday content.

8. Our favorite thing on the internet today: Mashable’s 19 favorite aerial photos taken by drones in 2014.
photo taken from a drone

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