Surprising Words That Get Content Shared on Social Media

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I came across an interesting article today about words. Not just any words, but the ones that should be included in a social media marketing strategy. Words that help a brand stand out and increase engagement and traffic on social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+.

For example, if you want to see an increase in Facebook traffic and engagement, try using words like “when,” “tell us,” “submit,” “deals,” and “discounts” for more shares, likes and traffic to your site. Avoid using words like “contest,” “promotion,” or “coupon,” as these may result in fewer shares and likes and less traffic.

Some of the words that generate positive results are unique- they’re not the overused words that the internet is saturated with. As for the ones that made the list that we see on the internet every day- perhaps we see them so much because they are working. Some are good for piquing interest, such as “warns,” “inspires,” and “amuses” while others are more persuasive: “tell us, take, and submit.” It’s a good mix that I’m excited to put to the test.

If you are looking to increase social media engagement and website traffic (and who isn’t), take the time to check out the infographic from QuickSprout below:
Surprising words that get content shared infographic

What other words have helped you drive more social media traffic?

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