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4 Ways to Make a Blah Brand Sexy in Social Media

Posted at Feb 15, 2013 12:18:44 PM by Nathan Mendenhall | Share

We would all like to think that our brand is THE sexiest and most hip brand out there. Well, sadly it probably isn't Not every brand is an attention magnet and some have to work much harder than others for engagement; however I firmly believe that almost any brand can derive value from a quality social media presence. Just because you might be a finance company, real estate agency or car dealership doesn't mean that you can’t be sexy in social media. Here are 4 ways you can spice things up!

1. Tell your story

No matter what industry or niche you are in, your brand absolutely has a story! Use this as a running theme to tell people why you are so awesome. Why did you want to become a financial adviser? What made you choose to open up a car lot? You might not believe it, but the human condition is very fascinating to others so they very well might be interested in your story. One particularly cool way to tell your story is to create an album of photos showing changes that the brand has gone through over the years or a then & now comparison. So what if your brand hasn't been around for a long time and there might not be a long story to tell? That’s fine! You are currently TELLING your story, so don’t be afraid to share some ”behind the scenes” tidbits about what is or isn't working for your brand. People feel invested in something if they feel they have a part in it's development.

2. Highlight Employee Personalities

Every office in the world has that one person who should have their own TV show. Use this person and their unique personality as content pieces to convey how fun, sexy and unique your brand is. This technique can provide great content such as a random thought of the day, funny office moments or even a themed photo campaign involving that person. The possibilities are virtually endless as long as the brand and the person are both comfortable with the idea. Showing a brand’s human side will help the social community connect with it on an emotional level. It is easier to identify with a face opposed to a logo! Even if your brand isn't inherently fun, this is a way to show that your industry might not be the most exciting, however you’re PEOPLE are! This works out even better if a few members of your staff are willing to participate.

3. Be Quirky

All work and no play will absolutely bore your social community. Don’t be afraid to get quirky from time to time. Think of different peeves within your industry and poke fun at them or discover fun graphics that relate to your service. Being quirky is often rewarded in social media as long as it is in the right context. Look at brands like Skittles and Oreo. They have no problem with being silly to entertain their brand loyalists and they are reaping the social benefits of it. You might not be able to go as far out there as they do, however there is always opportunity to be fun no matter what industry you are in. If you are a car dealership, why not show some pictures of bad paint jobs . If you are a real estate company why not show images of wacky homes and ask for comments. People turn to social media for entertainment and if you are appropriately quirky they will spend more time with you. Perhaps even use how unsexy you think your brand might be as a means to go to the quirky side.

4. Think Outside the Box

While it is a good idea to keep your social media content brand relevant, it’s ok to get creative! Especially if you are in an industry some might consider boring. There are a ton of internet memes and viral content that you can piggyback off of to add sexiness to your brand. The Harlem Shake videos are popular right now, so why not create your own?! Imagine a Harlem Shake video filled with supposedly uptight folks in suits. It would be great! This concept is similar to the “Be Quirky” point; however thinking outside of the box doesn't always have to be silly. You can brainstorm to find things that are indirectly related to your brand or industry and leverage them to sexify your brand. If you are a sports bar, try to stir up some controversy about the next big game coming up. If you are a law firm, why not discuss some crazy laws that are still out there. We could go on and on with examples, but the point is to think creatively about what your brand is about past what it offers directly. What are the ripple effects of doing business with your brand? THAT is great content to use.

Do you have any other tips? How do you make your brand sexy in social media?

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