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The Biggest Missed Opportunity for Brands on Twitter

Posted at Sep 21, 2012 7:38:59 AM by Nathan Mendenhall | Share

Twitter is by far my favorite social network both personally and professionally. With my personal account, it is fun to have quick conversations, follow the news and read witty one-liners from my favorite comedians. Professionally, I leverage Twitter as a way to engage customers, scout out potential customers, have friendly communications with colleagues and tweet out interesting industry news. Obviously there are different uses for Twitter, but there is one particular concept that can be used both professionally and personally, yet only the latter seems to take advantage. So what is the biggest missed opportunity for brands on Twitter? The famous #FollowFriday!

#FollowFriday or #FF is a Twitter tradition that has existed since 2009 (that’s like a million years in web-years) when Micah Baldwin tweeted out the following:


BOOM! Twitter tradition created. Now, its very common for the average individual to tweet out a few #FF’s on any given Friday, however how often do you see brands doing it? I would argue very few and far between. This is a HUGE missed opportunity because not only is it a great way to get noticed by new followers, it’s also a way to show your followers you appreciate them. What better way to connect with your followers than recommend them to your other followers? From personal experience, there is a sense of excitement that comes from a simple #FF mention from a brand I like. It is a very simple gesture to let your followers know that you are a real person, your brand cares and you WANT to engage with your followers. This might open the floodgate to tweets and mentions, however these are good things because your brand wants to be social right? #FF mentions are a very simple, free way to personalize your brand and set yourself apart from the other robotic brands on Twitter. Take 15 minutes out of your Friday and show your followers some love! Leave your Twitter handle in the comment box and I will be sure to mention you on our next #FF tweet.

Author: Nathan Mendenhall

Tags: Social Media, Digital Marketing

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