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THAT Agency Develops Web Presence for Legendary Gran Melia Fenix Hotel

Posted at Feb 1, 2009 1:36:58 PM by Michelle Sternbauer | Share

WEST PALM BEACH FL - When Andalusia's iconic luxury resort Gran Melia Fenix embarked on the task of conveying the history and grandeur of their hotel to the digital forefront they turned to the hospitality industry's tastemakers of Web design and online marketing THAT Agency. The veteran firm worked with Gran Melia Fenix to perfect a design that would communicate an experience on known only to guests of the hotel.

"When a historic landmark such as the Gran Melia Fenix turns to your firm to cultivate their presence on the Web you take it as a compliment; more importantly you work to eclipse all expectations with a design that's clean and imagery that reflects not only the aesthetic of the hotel but the lifestyle offered to guests of the hotel," said Bill Teubner, THAT Agency President.

THAT Agency's approach to the design and development of GranMeliaFenix.com was one that synchronized brilliant imagery and a minimalistic content architecture. Flash video of the resort was carefully integrated into the website's homepage initiated only by visitor discretion. The site's development however was not to be an oversight by its design. The functionality of Gran Melia Fenix's website can be credited to a foundation paved by XHTML and PHP. Additionally AJAX the Prototype Framework Script.aculo.us and CSS were employed to establish a navigation that is more intuitive and responsive and influenced specific thematic elements of the website's design.

For the decisive visitor or the visitor still piecing together their vacation online THAT Agency fitted Gran Melia Fenix with a booking engine that allows potential guests to check room availability or make reservations directly from the homepage. The luxury hotelier was also provided an image gallery to showcase their resort in a myriad of flattering scenes. Furthermore all copy essentially the voice of the hotel was entrusted to the wordsmiths at THAT Agency and is presented in English and in a Spanish translation.

The visibility of Gran Melia Fenix's online presence was further enhanced by the keen insight of THAT Agency's in-house SEO experts. To widen the streams of traffic feeding visitors to the newly designed website THAT Agency was enlisted to thoroughly optimize GranMeliaFenix.com so that both Search Engines and visitors alike could benefit from an easily-accessible website.

About Gran Melia Fenix Resort

Gran Melia Fenix is a luxury resort and brand of Sol Melia's international resorts and hotels. Presenting a distinctive hotel experienced marked by a flair for the avant-garde Gran Melia Fenix is a historic hotel presiding in Madrid Spain and boasting a clientele that includes Cary Grant and the Beatles. Gran Melia Fenix Resort can be contacted at 1-866-43-MELIA or on the Web at www.GranMeliaFenix.com.

About That Agency

THAT Agency has become one of the leading web design and development firms in Florida. While their client list includes companies such as Regency Centers and Norwegian Cruise Lines they are still able to meet the needs and budgets of small businesses. They are able to provide all of the services of a web solution company as well as the expertise and creativity of an advertising agency. With a full staff of designers developers and marketing specialists they are capable of designing a solution for just about any marketing or advertising need. THAT Agency can be contacted at 561.832.6262 or on the web at www.THATAgency.com.

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