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Gran Melia Brand Site Launches

Posted at Nov 10, 2008 2:24:09 AM by Taylor De Luca | Share

Gran Melia by THAT Agency Launches

Gran Melia, one of Sol Melia's premium brands now has an online presence like no other. THAT Agency launched the international brand hotel website for Gran Melia, http://www.gran-melia.com. Working closely with their brand and identity to create an amazing look and feel that transcends most hotel sites.

Delicately designing the site around the avant-garde brand was just one of many challenges facing THAT Agency to deliver this amazing website. The site has the ability to book any of Gran Melia's many hotels all from one central location.

PHP integrated with Flash and table-less CSS based layout gives this site a spectacular and rich look and feel. The user can jet off around the globe to the various hotel sites with one mouse click, and book a room just as efficiently.

The brand site stands as a portal to the more than twelve hotel mini-sites that all embody and uphold the same sophistication and style of the main brand site. The art of seamless integration and timeless luxury, Gran Melia's new brand site represents the brand itself in unlimited ways.

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