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Posted at Oct 16, 2008 12:42:55 PM by Ronald Busky | Share

The internet is full of all kinds of applications. Some are incredibly useful, some are not THAT useful and others are just downright useless. I would say wordle fits somewhere in the middle, but it has one charactistic THAT wins me over - its fun.

Heres what wordle does....it crawls the words in your webpage, pulls out the most used terms then kicks them back at you in the form of a design! You can then take the resulting design and customize it in realtime using a WSIWYG editor. Its pretty cool and can be quite rewarding. Some of the designs they show are really good and it shows you what words are coming up on your site.

I admit THAT wordles usefulness is questionable, but its fun and I find it more entertaining than following Uncle Bens rice on Twitter.

A THATagency Wordle is shown below.......go ahead and try wordle yourself here: wordle.net


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