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Where Do You Find Your Inspiration?

Posted at Apr 19, 2007 9:29:15 AM by Taylor De Luca | Share

As a designer we're constantly faced with the need for design inspiration. Sometimes we find it easily, sometimes it doesn't come as quickly as we'd like. Design inspiration comes from the world around you as does any other kind of inspiration. Without it design becomes stagnant, outdated, irrelevant or completely off the mark. Finding inspiration is a challenge we all face as designers. Here are a few items that may help in that never ending search for inspiration:

Take a walk - sometimes it's just that easy. Get up from your desk and change your surroundings.

Visit site gallery sites like FWA, Screenalicious and CoolHomePages - seeing how others have taken care of navigation issues, color issues and overall design concepts breeds more inspiration than you'd think.

Color inspiration also comes from browsing around the web. One site I find incredibly helpful is Colourlovers.com - a great color and color palette resource.

Go to a museum - art and/or history, it doesn't matter. You can find inspiration in almost everything but museums have things you probably don't see every day.

Go to the library or a public book store - there are so many books out there on design, theory, color, layout, print, web you can easily immerse yourself into a world of inspiration within minutes.

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