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THAT Agency Lands Web Design Contract With Sol Melia Hotels

Posted at Nov 15, 2004 7:00:00 PM by Bill Teubner | Share

Sol Melia, one of the leading hotel companies in the world, recently contracted THAT Agency to serve them in web design for it's hotels worldwide.

Sol Melia oversees more than 350 hotels in 30 countries worldwide. It is among the leading hotel companies in Spain, Latin America, and the Caribbean, third among the leading hotel companies in Europe, and rank 10th in the world. Sol Melia sought out THAT Agency to achieve the objective of creatng websites for it's hotels globally, and expanding marketability and exposure to increase sales volume. THAT Agency headed up an aggressive ad copy campaign and banner advertising to create a solution for Sol Melia.

THAT Agency has completed two customized eCommerce websites for Sol Melia as of late, and has plans to originate the remaining sites over the next two years. Each site utilizes Macromedia Flash animation and eye-catching banners to captivate online customers to the sites. The system implemented by THAT Agency enables Sol Melia to monitor site traffic and manage necessary updates internally, all of which make marketing more effective and efficient.

Today Sol Melia is enjoying greater exposure and capitalizing on the opportunities of the profitable eCommerce web designs THAT Agency implemented. THAT Agency looks forward to facilitating Sol Melia with the remaining website designs and marketing campaigns for it's hotels around the world.

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