8 Common Content Marketing Myths Busted

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You know content is important; you can’t go far in the marketing world without tripping over the “Content is King” refrain. But you may be hesitant about embarking on a partnership with a content marketing agency or your expectations may not be clear.

Are these common myths and misconceptions holding you back? Let’s clear them up so you can charge forward.

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Myth: Your Results Will Be Immediate

Digital = immediate. As consumers, we have certainly developed a taste for instant gratification. While you can publish an blog or post to social media in seconds, effective digital marketing is built on sound strategy. This takes time to develop and implement correctly - and in a way that will provide the most favorable return on your investment.

An experienced agency has streamlined processes with which to immerse themselves in your brand and create an effective small business marketing strategy. Still, it’s not accomplished overnight.

Myth: You Can Automate It

A lot of people believe that you can completely automate your content marketing. There are some aspects that you can automate, like scheduling blog or social post publication. But the most critical - primarily planning and crafting content and managing your audience interactions - are heavily dependent on your business’s brains, input, and guidance.

Myth: It’s All Just Blogging

Sure, blogs are a critical business tool, but content marketing encompasses so much more. Your brand builds trust, authority, and reputation via content, and this can take any form from articles, white papers, and ebooks to videos, social media, and livestreams. All content should adhere to your brand’s strategy - but the options for telling your story and reaching your audience are incredibly varied.

Myth: You Have To Go Viral

Don’t believe any content marketing agency that tells you that you have to go viral to achieve success. Going viral is like being a one-hit wonder. It’s nice, but then it’s over. Better to have a long career! Your goal should be to reach, educate, and interact with your audience. Having 10,000,000 people view a video, for example, doesn’t mean you’ll see even the smallest increase in conversion rates. Engaging 100 people with quality content and thought leadership can.

MYth: Quantity Matters More Than Quality

No, no, and no! High-quality content matters for two chief reasons:

1. Your audience demands it. They’re not looking for fluff. They want real, actionable information. They want to be educated. They want to be entertained. They expect that you will add value - in whatever way - to their day. 

2. Search engines demand it. Google wants to deliver the most relevant results to searchers. When you offer rich, original content, it makes them look better! They’ll rank your site more prominently.

MYth: You Don’t Need to Promote Content

Content isn’t “set it and forget it.” It’s not enough to create content and publish it. If left to languish on your website, content is not going to provide a return on investment. Promote it. Talk it up, link to it via social media, include relevant links in your newsletters, and take it offline. If you’re in a sales presentation or client meeting, for example, you can point prospects to your content so they can learn and engage more.

Myth: Daily Content

You may have been told that you can’t create quality content every day. While it’s sometimes difficult, if you have the right topics and the right planning, content can go live on your blog every single day that’s not only informative but entertaining and considered “high quality” as well.

Myth: Use It Only Once

Repurpose that great content! Use blog posts in your newsletter; assemble your best articles and create an ebook; use the data in a white paper and create a visually appealing infographic. Have a Throw-Back-Thursday-style approach in which you highlight older, but still completely relevant, content.

This is why it’s important to create “evergreen” content. This content will stay fresh and you can point visitors to it when they have fundamental questions and common concerns and needs.

One more myth: You can get by with a small business marketing strategy that does not include content. Not today! Not with savvy, information-hungry consumers. Give them what they want. Give them your insights and thought leadership.

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