Why Become a Channel Partner?

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The competition gets tougher every single day, and innovating to ensure you stay on top is nothing short of a must. One of the best ways to help your company do more is to look into becoming channel partners with manufacturers. Not sure? Explore exactly what a relationship like this can do for you.

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What Does The Relationship Look Like?

Channel partners are companies that work with either a manufacturer or vendor to help push the products or services that entity creates. Often co-branding here is absolutely key, but channel partners can be distributors, retailers, or even value-added resellers.

Essentially, a channel partner is a piece of the manufacturer or vendor's sales force. They're independent, but they market the products or services.

What Are The Benefits?

The benefits to joining a program like this are enormous. Of course, the most important benefit you'll see is an increase in your sales numbers. Distributor marketing programs offer a chance to tie into some of the best products in the world today, and that could mean great things at the end of the year when you start doing the numbers.

More than that, though, you might find cross-selling opportunities you hadn't previously considered, as well as marketing support many other programs can't offer. In some cases, you can offer an entire suite of products which may help you increase those sales numbers as well.  

You can tap into some of the latest offerings that customers are really buzzing about on social media. Often you even gain access to certifications and licenses that weren't previously available without the relationship.

Becoming a channel partner can help you realize other fantastic benefits as well. In some cases, you'll get leads that you can follow-up on and with which to begin the sales cycle. You may also get an established brand that will help create some credibility within your own business.

Imagine, for a moment, you became a Microsoft Channel Partner. Businesses in your area might be more likely to use your services over those of another company that isn't an established channel partner. In many cases, distributor marketing materials may also be provided for your company. Sometimes you can even earn bonuses depending on what you sell, which could be the extra incentive you need.

Interested in learning just how powerful channel partners can be and how to make the marketing equation work? Let the team at THAT Agency know.

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