What Does a Branding Agency Do?

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Your brand is you. It is your promise to your customers and clients; it is your identity; it is your message and mode of delivery. It differentiates you from the competition, and it gives stakeholders insight into what it is like to do business with you. Yes, your brand does all of this! Powerful — when you leverage it to its fullest potential. This is just what an effective branding agency can help you do.

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Working with a Branding Agency

A brand encompasses visual assets as well as key messaging components. Your logo, for example, is a terrific asset that can help increase brand awareness, recognition, and affinity. Put it everywhere! It also includes your key messages, attributes, and “voice.” It should be integrated throughout everything you do, internally and externally. From answering the phone to your team’s email signatures, your brand should be consistent.

A branding agency helps you create (or refresh) a unique brand, maintain it, and strengthen it over time

When you find the right partners, branding agency professionals act as members of your team. They immerse themselves in your business. They will start by:

  • Clarifying your identity
  • Learning about your mission, vision, and core values
  • Understanding your business-building goals
  • Getting to know your target audience and their needs and interests
  • Understanding your market and your competition

These pieces of the puzzle come together to form a cohesive, consistent brand strategy. The specific services offered by branding agencies differ. Make sure you are getting the “package” and level of expertise you need. Some critical areas include:

  • Research and analytics
  • Brand identity and guidelines
  • Naming
  • Re-branding
  • Positioning
  • Design (e.g., logo, product packaging, etc.)
  • Strategy and management
  • Communications
  • Internal branding

When you are looking for a Florida marketing agency, make sure you inquire about (and verify) the group's branding experience: ask for references from past clients and work samples. Make sure you are clear on the processes and procedures. What will the agency do? What are your responsibilities? How - and how often - will the agency communicate with you? What are the fees and associated costs?

THAT Agency is a top Florida marketing agency offering comprehensive branding services. Our team can help you position yourself advantageously in your market, gain an edge on the competition, and create a brand that encapsulates you. Ready to get started?

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