How Content Marketing Can Help Your Business

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The benefits of content marketing today can't be overstated. Some businesses build themselves on content creation more than any other factor. The ability to get your words seen, trusted, and shared quickly helps to build confidence in your brand and its products or services. Let's start from the beginning: what is content marketing?

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What is Content Marketing?

Chances are very good you've already engaged it. When you search online, usually on Google or Bing, results come up based on certain key-phrase similarities to your question. This is called SEO, or Search Engine Optimization. Content gives you more opportunities to incorporate keywords and key-phrases on your website, thereby earning more hits across a broader range of searches.

The content has to be worthwhile, though. If someone clicks on your link and the content that includes those keywords isn't useful to them, they'll leave quickly. The goal should be to supply valuable content that visitors will find interesting. You want to engage them so that they look deeper at your site in order to pursue that engagement.

Content can include blogs, articles, videos, apps, games, quizzes, and event offerings, but isn't limited to these.

Why is Content Creation Valuable?

There are many benefits of content marketing. Unlike an ad campaign, content remains in perpetuity. It keeps on developing hits day after day. These results can take a few months because they require a decent amount of content built up. The more content you have, the more likely visitors will be to follow you on social media, subscribe to newsletters or content alerts, and share your content with others.

Content earns you followers, but the content has to be organic and educational. People won't share straight sales pitches very often, but they will share informative articles about topics they find interesting. “Buy our watch,” won't get many shares. “Watches made from sustainable materials,” “Why watches are making a comeback,” and “Will wearing a watch make you seem more professional?” will capture people's attention and interest.

Content Marketing as a Foundation

Content marketing makes all your other advertising stronger. It engages and informs people, so it acts as a core foundation for defining your business and encouraging customers to trust your brand. If they trust your brand, they'll click through to explore your product. More to the point, if you're passionate about certain topics in your content, customers are likely to become passionate about those topics as well. That encourages them to be passionate about your brand.

If customers find your content reliable and interesting, they will do the work of sharing it. They'll identify with the brand more strongly, which makes it more likely they'll buy new products, buy them as gifts for others, and champion your brand in new spaces where you otherwise wouldn't have access. When the customer becomes your best salesperson, they'll buy more decisively and more often, upsell themselves and others, and form communities that are loyal to your brand.

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