10 Effective B2B Marketing Strategies for 2022

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What are your B2B sales and marketing goals to grow your ROI? Where are you now in terms of customer relationships, campaigns, and conversions? And where would you like to take your company? The following B2B marketing strategies are integral in helping you hit your targets and elevate your brand’s performance.

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1. Content Marketing

Yes, it’s a predictable part of this list, and yes, it is absolutely essential. According to the Content Marketing Institute, most (78%) B2Bs use content marketing, and the most successful have a documented strategy. It’s not ad-hoc or catch-as-catch-can. It pays to align your marketing strategies to your overall business goals in order to guide decision-making and measure results.

When it comes to B2B content, the emphasis should be on education and information. These buyers need proof - evidence - to build trust in a provider. Your solution must stand out as an answer. Blogs, whitepapers, articles, webinars, infographics, video, and other content establishes your authority in your space.

2. Email Marketing

Email marketing has been around since the dawn of time. That may be an exaggeration, but it’s certainly been a stable of digital marketing since the early days of the internet. It is still one of the most effective B2B marketing strategies in your repertoire. The average open rate is 15.75% and the click through rate is 7.63. Make sure you pay close attention to your subject lines to grab their attention.

Once you’ve got it, keep it with engaging content that answers a question, satisfies a need, and/or generates curiosity in your brand’s solutions.

3. Pay-Per-Click

PPC advertising is evolving, making it a more efficient and effective way to generate leads and conversions. For example, you can use local inventory ads; when searchers are interested in your product and ready to buy, a PPC ad at the top of the SERPs shows them how to do it quickly and easily. And, as search engines utilize machine learning more widely, you can ditch bloaty keywords and focus on compelling content that shows searchers your value immediately.

4. Chatbots

You need to be accessible to consumers. All the time. Intelligent chatbots can answer FAQs quickly, freeing customer service reps to handle more complex calls. They can also nurture new leads and pass them to sales staff. Be choosy when integrating chatbot technology: you want consistency and seamless communication.

5. Social Media

Social media marketing offers a chance to humanize your brand and connect with your community in an authentic way. As you’d expect, Facebook remains the dominant channel, but other platforms - Instagram, LinkedIn, etc. - also offer an abundance of advertising and analytics tools to help your brand succeed.

6. Remarketing

How many people engage with your brand… and then go off the radar? Get them back with remarketing. Using cookies and display ads, you can deliver the touchpoints necessary to develop a sales lead and boost conversions.

Remarketing reminds people of their interest across platforms; if they visit your site, for example, then go to Facebook, you can target them with a relevant ad. With automated technology, it’s easier than ever to re-engage these folks.

7. Channel Integration

Your B2B marketing strategies need to connect and bolster each other. Channel integration ensures that your leads and customers have a consistent experience, whether they’re interacting with you on social, on your website, or in person. This is important because your audience is everywhere. Multi- and omni-channel efforts are critical in reaching them.

8. Mobile Optimization

Mobile traffic is increasing exponentially, and this will only continue. In fact, it’s growing at twice the rate as fixed IP traffic. As we said, your audience is everywhere! Consider a mobile-first strategy that creates a seamless, fluid, and positive experience for your audience. This will also strengthen your SEO game as Google is leaning heavily towards mobile-first indexing.

9. Influencer Marketing

While typically associated with B2Cs, influencer marketing can be effective for business-to-business brands, especially as this is an underutilized technique in this space. Look for influencers who have reach and relevance and who have the ability to connect with your target audience. Consumers trust their peers more than brands, at least initially, and influencers can help establish those strong relationships.

10. Analytics

To ensure you are making progress towards your B2B sales and marketing goals, you need to track key analytics. Fortunately, platforms like Google, Facebook, and Hubspot make it easier with access to tools and reports. Instead of guessing if a campaign is landing with consumers, look at the numbers. What’s working? What’s not? Where are your opportunities? This is also critical in justifying spend as you work on your marketing budget. 

There you have it: 10 B2B marketing strategies that will help elevate your brand’s performance. THAT Agency can help you put them into action with a plan tailored for your unique needs and goals.

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