Are Motion Graphics the Future of Content Marketing?

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The answer is, yes.

No matter where you browse on the internet, chances are you've come across a motion graphic. What exactly is a motion graphic you ask? Motion Graphics are animated representations of data or content. These allow content creators and marketers to gage the interest of the ever-shortening attention span of Internet users.

We've all done it, you're watching a video that happens to be a little longer than 4 minutes and after the first 30 seconds you begin to fast forward to parts that sum up the entire video or present the point of the video. By using motion graphics, viewers are more engaged in the video which means instead of potentially missing the call to action or purpose of your video, they will be able to see these sooner. 



By creating a motion graphic out of your content, you're not only pioneering on new creative tactics, but you're also ensuring that the main points you want to make out of the message you're trying to get across, are digested. 

So what does it take to make a motion graphic? Well, the answer is simple -- the right software and creativity! The most popular platform to create motion vector graphics is Adobe After Effects, but there are several others if you arent' familiar with Adobe programs. Utilizing clean and simple graphics allow your graphic to not only flow well but also be aesthetically appealing.

Too much content can be a bad thing for graphics, try to focus on main points when listing facts or stats. If the graphics become overwhelming with words and imagery, your graphic could become a glorified version of hoopla.

Video is taking over marketing, and it's here to stay. Brands are utilizing different social media platforms to present their product in videos, gifs, graphics, or even cinemagraphs. By jumping on the video-related content bandwagon, you are keeping your brand up to date. 


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