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Advertising On Waze As a Small Business, The Options and Competition

Posted at Apr 9, 2018 11:27:36 AM by Jordan Kremer | Share

Like many small business marketers, you are constantly looking for ways to expand on your digital footprint and drive traffic to your storefront. It can be a tough task to not only weed through all the marketing options and platforms out there, but also show an ROI or trend line on tactics and campaign efforts. With that in mind, this post will speak specifically to vetting advertising on Waze, the options, its competition and tracking so you can decide if this is a good channel to invest in.

Advertising On Waze

What is Waze?

If you are unfamiliar with Waze, this maps and directions app is owned by Google and is home to over 100 million monthly active users. Their definition is “The world's largest community-based traffic and navigation app. Joining drivers in your area who share real-time traffic and road info, saving everyone time and gas money on their daily commute.” This great concept has bolstered user numbers, and like any useful app, it introduced a brands and small business advertising beta in 2015. Three years later, in March of 2018 the company felt confident that their advertising goal of being useful and not abrasive has been reached for full time usage.

What Waze Advertising Features Are Available?

With over 100 million monthly active users, Waze has advertising offerings for single storefronts to chain businesses with hundreds of locations.  But, before we break each of these options down, the preface is that these tactics are tailored to storefront shops and target drivers who are on the go near your business location with a meaningful local ad experience. Those efforts are supported with the following advertising placements. (Details provided by Waze)

  • Branded pins - Like a store sign, pins inform and remind drivers that your business is on or near their route.
  • Promoted search - Your locations will be promoted to the top of search results and include your brand logo.
  • Zero speed takeovers - The Zero-Speed Takeover is a digital billboard. It is shown when drivers are at a complete stop.

Waze Advertising Packages

The options come in two packages, starter and plus and are based on a per day pricing structure. The biggest differences between the two are pricing, account support and the use of zero speed takeovers. For more information visit Waze Advertising.



$2 Per Day

Suitable For 1-10 Locations

Branded Pins

Promoted Search

Geographical Targeting

Self-Service Platform

Email Support


$100 Per Day

Suitable For 1-50 Locations

Zero Speed Takeover

Geo Targeting & Time Scheduling

Dedicated Account Manager

Branded Pins

Promotional Search

Analytics and Case Studies

Although Waze advertising is available to a plethora of industries, some common businesses that thrive using its advertising features are; gas stations, restaurants, retail stores and entertainment locations. But, once again the tracking is what is important. When advertising with Waze, the analytics primarily used are a trend line of foot traffic to your location before and after a paid option is activated as well as the amount of users searching for your business or service. A great case study of a retail store is Men’s Warehouse who used Waze to drive awareness of their charity event with over five million impressions and three and half thousand offers saved. Check out more Waze Case Studies.

Waze Competitors

Since Waze is used for navigation and direction purposes, its main competitors with larger groups of active users are Apple, Google and Bing Maps. But, only two of these options have similar advertising to Waze, and that is the Google Maps Promoted Pins and Bing promoted pins. These pins are set up through AdWords and Bing ads through location extensions, but they do not appear within Waze, so this could be a good collaborative effort in driving more traffic to your local stores. Additionally, these maps do not have community updates for optimal traffic information or car pooling options, which makes Waze the preferred choice and fastest growing option.

To close, our suggestion would be to start small and test. Begin with the starter package on some of your locations in a larger populated area and try to create a special worth individuals stopping in to claim. See if the difference is substantial and move into more locations. For more information on digital marketing options and trends, download our guide to digital marketing in 2019:

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2020 Digital Marketing Trends Report | THAT Agency