7 Digital Marketing Strategies for 2019

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January will be here before you know it, and the time to start shaping your digital marketing strategies for 2019 is right now. Are there going to be significant changes in the world of digital marketing next year, though? Count on it!

Digital Marketing Strategies for 2019

Digital Marketing Strategies For 2019

A recent study, for example, found those in the 18 - 34 category are more likely to ignore traditional digital advertising methods - even more than those found offline in newspapers or on TV! This is huge. What can you do to stay ahead of the game? You might want to try these seven new digital marketing strategies in the upcoming year.


1. Optimization Will Continue to Matter: You've probably heard about search engine optimization, and that isn't going away in the near future. With the right help and techniques, you're going to be able to significantly increase your brand's reach through SEO. Remember, Google and other major search engines aren't going to quit updating their algorithms. Why would you quit trying? If you've already started optimization work, keep it up throughout the year. If you haven't even started, there's no better time to begin. This is especially essential with voice search trends.


2. Think Customer First: Your team might get pretty involved in online marketing, but the focus has to be consistently on your customer. Even if you have the most beautiful web presence or great ads, if you're not thinking about your customers, you're going to have a problem. You will get and keep your customers if you're paying closer attention to those conversion rates and other essential metrics, then retargeting what doesn't work.


3. Consider Going Live! Many brands are looking at new ways to engage with their audiences, and for good reason. Engagement means some serious return on investment, and live events are a great way to make that happen. Create webinars. Consider a podcast. Create an event near you and sell tickets through a site like Eventbrite, then live stream it on the platform of your choice. Live events are going to help people remember your brand. You can make an impact. Who knows, you may get some PR coverage as well.


4. Don't Ignore The Power of the Blog: How many times have you read about content as a trend? That's not going away any time soon, and one of the best ways to ensure that content hits your website is to start a blog. Studies have repeatedly shown that companies who choose to blog are 13 times more likely to experiences a positive return on their investment, making this an essential move. Get started with content marketing.


5. Go Mobile: Translate all of your marketing to mobile. Ensure your landing pages include responsive web designs that will load almost anywhere, and keep your brand messaging the same no matter where you are. Mobile matters to many consumers, so if your site won't load while you're there, you could have big problems.


6. Stop Ignoring Email: Email marketing has made almost every "trends" list since the 1990s, and there's a reason for that. It's the perfect, inexpensive way to reach out to people, and that makes it one of the best tools to try. What's more, though, is that since the rush to mobile technology, email open rates have only continued to increase, so why not give it a try? Consult our email marketing team.


7. Stay with Social Media: If you haven't started using social media for marketing, now is the time. If you have started using social media, why would you stop now? It's easily one of the most important tools for any brand, and by finding out what your audience is really tuning into, you can engage with them and begin crafting a story they'll want to stay with forever. What is social media marketing?


A new year doesn't mean marketing is any less important. Let us help you focus on trends like these and ensure you stay tuned in to the changes.

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