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5 Ways to Get More Patients in 2018

Posted at Sep 4, 2017 4:00:00 PM by thatagency | Share

Need to build your practice? Thoughtfully developed and strategically executed plastic surgery marketing techniques can help you achieve growth, and even aggressive growth. When attracting new patients is your top priority in 2018, the following steps are a must:

5 Ways to Get More Patients in 2018 | Plastic Surgery Marketing | THAT Agency


1. Educate your Patients and Leads

Today’s consumers are far more savvy than in generations past. However, plastic surgery candidates are often under-informed. Plastic surgeon Dr. Gary D. Breslow says that just over a third (36%) of people who come in for consultations end up undergoing a procedure. The reason for this low conversion rate, he says, is that “patients [have] insufficient information about pricing and procedures before the consultation.”

By providing educational content (blogs, articles, videos, infographics, webinars, etc.), you can eliminate this barrier and increase your conversion rates. When prospects are better informed, they can make better decisions. It’s that simple.

A side effect of educating patients and leads is that it firmly establishes you as an expert in the field. To feel comfortable and confident putting their health and appearance in your hands, people need to trust your expertise and experience.

And a side effect of that side effect: Google rewards your high-quality, relevant content with greater visibility in the search results.


2. Geotarget for Maximum Results

It is far too time-consuming and costly, not to mention ineffective, to utilize a “spray and pray” approach when it comes to plastic surgery marketing. You can’t just throw your message out there and hope it sticks with enough people.

Instead, you need to carefully target your audience and reach them where they are. For example, most cosmetic surgery patients are women between the ages of 40-54. You can use geotargeting to reach that demographic with compelling PPC, display, and Facebook ads.

You can further zero in on people within that age group by income, profession, location, browsing habits, those who have visited your site or have searched for plastic surgery, etc. Doing so ensures you put your ads in front of the people for whom they are the most relevant.

Even if they do not click through, the ads serve as a vital touchpoint as they build brand awareness. When leads are ready to convert, they are more likely to go with the brand they already know. When you use geotargeting, that brand can be you.


3. Nurture Brand Advocates

When patients are happy with their service and results, they will perhaps refer a friend or family member. This is wonderful. But when they are so passionate about your solutions that they rave on Facebook, write stellar reviews on Google My Business and Yelp, and spread the word that your practice is the best of the best… well, then they’ve become brand advocates. And powerful assets.

Reward them. You can offer a referral program: for example, whenever they refer someone, they receive a prize of some sort (e.g. a gift card to a local upscale shop.) More plastic surgeons are also starting rewards or loyalty programs. Your brand advocates can enjoy points, exclusive offers, effective products (like skincare solutions), spa treatments, price reductions, etc.

When you think about the business that loyal brand advocates can generate, the nominal cost of rewards and incentives is well worth it.


4. Think Local

When you have a reputation for quality service and exceptional results, you can attract patients from across the country. But don’t forget about those across town. Remaining locally focused helps you build a strong brand.

To do this, make sure your online presence is optimized forlocal SEO; steps include utilizing region-specific keywords (e.g. best plastic surgeons in Miami; top liposuction surgeons in South Florida) and creating location-specific pages on your website.

You can also marry online and offline efforts by advertising in local publications and on popular local websites, such as your Chamber of Commerce or Community Calendar page.

Another option to consider is incentivizing locals. Can you offer buzzy specials that will build your brand in the community? This often serves to entice people from other areas as well: they see the level of service you offer and the care you extend to people. It’s a key differentiator.


5. Put a Face to the Name

Let people see who you are, and use digital tools to interact with patients and prospects. Facebook Live is one way to do this; the ability to live stream enables you to fully engage with followers and gain new ones as well. Some surgeons stream actual procedures. You don’t have to go that far (but you can, if it aligns with your brand). Alternatively, you could stream a discussion on surgery pros and cons, new techniques, or feature an existing patient or two for a before and after look at a specific procedure.

Other options are to hold webinars, start a Hangout in Google My Business, and post helpful and interesting videos on your website and social media profiles.

If growing your practice is a major priority, consult an experienced digital marketing agency and discuss the most effective ways to attract -- and keep -- new patients.


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