5 Things You Can't Forget in Your Plastic Surgery Website Design

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Your website can be an ideal tool for lead generation, conversion, and engagement.  As patients search for the right surgeon for the procedure they're interested in, your website is often times the first impression you make.  For this reason, you need to make sure your website is aligned with your marketing goals.  Usually, that means converting visitors into prospective patients.   When considering your plastic surgery website design, never forget these five must-have basics:

1. Compelling content

Providing clear, informative content is a must for any brand, particularly given how savvy today’s consumers are. But if there is one niche where people are under-informed, it’s plastic surgery. They often do not understand techniques, risks, pricing, and other important matters. Your content will help answer their questions, while building your authority. Always include a mix of text, image, and video content to appeal to various senses and learners.


2. Clear calls-to-action 

What do you want your website visitors to do? Tell them -- explicitly. Your CTA may be “Schedule an Consultation Now,” or “Book an Appointment Today,” for example. Quick, simple, clear. Make sure it is easy and convenient for visitors to complete the CTA.


3. About Page

The right About page is a conversion powerhouse. People aren’t “buying” a tummy tuck or Brazilian butt lift. Not really. They’re buying the surgeon who can perform these procedures for them safely and effectively.

An About page articulates your expertise and experience, your background, and your differentiators. Don’t give into the temptation to hype yourself up (“Dr. Smith is the best surgeon who ever lived and ever will live. She is perfection incarnate”). It’s a little much, yes? Instead, use a facts-based approach that covers your education, training, current practice, and brand identity. Convey why you are the solution for which potential patients are searching.


4. Before and After Gallery

A picture says a thousand words; so why not show two? Before and after photos are powerful. They show leads how real patients look prior to and after their procedures. They are both aspirational and realistic, giving people a glimpse into what they can expect. They also subtly convey your skill as a practitioner. 


5. Contact Us Page

Always include accurate and consistent contact details. NAP -- name, address, and phone number -- should always be up-to-date on your website and across all platforms. Include an embedded map of your location, email address, and forms for visitors to fill out to contact you with a question and/or make an appointment. Contacting you should be easy and convenient.

These elements form the foundation of an effective website. Talk to an experienced web design agency today to find out what else you need to do to grow your practice.

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