4 Social Advertising Tactics You Aren’t Using

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Social Advertising is a great way to hyper-target your marketing messages to the right audience. It is cost effective and can be a great stimulus to other advertising initiatives. Technology is constantly evolving and there are a few Social Advertising Tactics that are often overlooked. Here are 4 of my favorites!

 LinkedIn Account Targeting

This awesome social advertising tactic allows you to serve ads on LinkedIn to specific companies as a means to get your marketing messages in front of their employees. If you layer on Experience Targeting, you can effectively target decision makers at companies that you would like to do business with. While this feature isn’t exactly new, it’s often overlooked.  To take advantage of Account Targeting, simply upload a list of companies that you would like to engage with and LinkedIn will match that list against the 8 million Company Pages in their system. Then apply the targeting when you are setting up your next campaign.  Quick and easy!


 Facebook Dynamic Creative

Facebook Dynamic Creative is an awesome tool available in Power Editor that allows you to upload different aspects of an ad such as image, video, title, description and Call to Action and the system will automatically deliver the best performing combination of the creative assets to the audience. Think of it as giving Facebook all of your creative elements and letting it optimize the ad for you. This is rather new, so you might not have access to it just yet. However, it should be rolling out very soon!


 Twitter Website Tailored Audience

When we discuss social advertising, Facebook usually hogs the conversation. However Twitter offers similar advertising tactic that will allow you to retarget your website visitors. By placing a little snippet of code on your website, you can serve relevant ads on Twitter to people who have already shown intent. Twitter hasn’t proven to be as cost effective as Facebook, however it is another great option!


Facebook Engagement Custom Audience

Facebook’s Engagement Custom Audience allows you to target those who have already engages with your content. Statistically speaking, people are more likely to buy from brands they engage with on social, so this would be a great test especially if your page garners solid engagement numbers. This also counts for Instagram too! Since Instagram is notoriously more engaging than any other social channel, you might want to consider leveraging this option!

 If you want to spice up your Social Advertising, consider giving these tactics a try. Keep in mind, testing is important but you don’t want to sacrifice results for tests. Find that balance!


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