SEO for Startups: Worth the Effort?

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Things get heated from time to time in the SEO world, and the question, “has the algorithm changed?” has been asked since almost the inception of the mystical beast. There is always an “SEO killer” on the loose, and there are always businesses questioning the efficacy of their most current SEO methods. But this is necessary: websites should question whether SEO will help their business the most, but the answers aren’t always clear. So, is SEO the best use of time, effort, and money for startups?

Building a Foundation

SEO is a tool, one of many, that can be used to improve your site’s visibility and bottom line. But, being careful about what you spend your money on is just as important. For instance, if you are trying to naturally rank for a particular keyword, then you should know how much that SERP position is worth to you. 


In a great example, Forbes laid out a simple equation to use as a starting point. Using the diminishing click-through-rate (from rank number 1, down to 50) you can multiply that by the monthly search volume to get the number of clicks. So say you made it to page one of Google for your keyword, but your position is still 5th. If we use Forbes' CTR data, which says the 5th position has an average CTR of 6.1%, and we use an average conversion rate of 2%, then you get the number of closed leads. So, for simplicity's sake, let's say there are 1,000 searches a month for your keyword, and your site is in the 5th position on Google. That gives you an average of 61 clicks per month. If 2% of those clicks result in a sale, then you're netting about 1.2 new clients per month.

Now, if you're spending less on your organic SEO efforts than the amount of revenue that one new client brings in, then it might be worth the effort. If you're spending $1,000/month on SEO, but each new customer is only bringing in $100 in monthly revenue, then it's obviously not worth it. So, it really depends on your business.

Creating a Mix

Relying solely on SEO would be like relying solely on word of mouth for a non-internet-based business. Word of mouth is an excellent tool and can draw customers your way, but it is not the only way you can, or should, promote your business. Similarly, many businesses today are relying heavily on social media to draw traffic, reporting they get more visitors via social media sites, like Facebook or Twitter than through search. But again, depending on one aspect of a marketing campaign is usually not effective in the long run.

The use of social media, well-designed sites, and developing quality content are components that work in conjunction with SEO to build visibility.

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