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2019 Creative Trends

Posted at Feb 12, 2019 9:53:54 AM by Brian Tighe | Share

New year, new designs. New feeling, new vibe. But what are the 2019 creative trends to follow? What trends will flop? For creatives this is an ongoing battle to continue to set and keep on trend without falling behind. Therefore, it is important to not only to find out what your specific clients like but, what are the masses saying about it as well. To understand this, you must do some research to see within your respective industry and outside of it. We want to know, what’s hot and hitting with clients?


2019 Creative Trends | THAT Agency


Customers today care about the ethics of the companies they choose to buy from. Clients respond well to companies who promote a smaller, more transparent feel. In design, this means companies have simplified packaging and ads to be clearer and more concise with their clients. This is not only getting the point across but to have a simple bold approach to define your brand and products.



Nostalgia never goes out of style. Many of today’s designers, as well as many of today’s buyers consider “retro” designs to be in the time of their childhood. The bright colors and funky designs that call to mind these entertaining eras to have demonstrated increasing popularity in design. Brands will want to see if there is a way for them to incorporate their own throwback into ads and products. 



Video has taken over an incredible amount of the online world. Not only with normal (click and play) video, technology has been pushing new ways to experience this medium. Augmented video, where your phones camera and gyroscope work in sync to implement graphics from designers to real life on screen. “Choose you own way” interactive video is now coming to light with Netflix releasing an episode of this in their Black Mirror series that allows you to choose paths to navigate through. In 2019, we expect a rise in the role of video with advertising alongside technology to push limits.


These three trends to watch are all leading the way in 2019 and creatives are already innovating to deliver. Keeping in mind that everything created must be mobile compatible. Statistics from each year also show an increasing number of users experiencing on mobile devices is now up to 57 percent. Note, using software that has responsive outputs are crucial and save time when developing, but keeping this in mind to start your designs will help in the long run. To find out more or to set some trends of your own in 2019, please visit THATagency.com. Let’s get to work!

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