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2020 Creative Trends in Design

Posted at Apr 15, 2020 4:30:00 PM by Mateen Hatefi | Share

Over the last several years, the design industry has changed as new trends have come to fruition and become more mainstream. Today, most designs lean towards minimalism, bold colors, and futuristic compositions, and those trends are expected to continue throughout 2020 and beyond. Designers across the globe are bent on discovering new color, font, and design trends that move towards balanced and harmonious patterns. While the creative design trends in 2020 will take some time to reveal themselves, the following are some upcoming trends and concepts to consider for futuristic designs.


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The eight-second rule of user experience (UX) gives designers eight seconds to win the attention of users, and the concept of minimalism addresses this notion. Minimalism allows graphic designers to catch users' attentions by including only limited and essential elements. However, until a few years ago, minimalism was synonymous with two colors: white and black – however, this trend has evolved as designers are including more variety in their color palettes and implementing them into their minimalistic designs.


“Pictures, abstract symbols, materials, and colors are among the ingredients with which a designer or engineer works. To design is to discover relationships and to make arrangements and rearrangements among these ingredients.”

– Paul Rand


Interactive Designs

The trend of animation in the design industry has existed for a long time. It has, over the years, also seen developments that have taken the industry by storm. Interactive designs were among the more popular trends of 2019, and that trend is expected to continue moving forward.

Interactive designs, which aren’t just limited to graphic design (web designs can be interactive too!) are widely popular among audiences and do an excellent job of catching and holding their attentions – show your viewers one interactive element and they will stay on your site looking for more. Graphic designers will take advantage of this tendency and continue coming up with more interactive designs.



Futuristic Images and Patterns

The use of futuristic images and patterns in design will be big this year, primarily owing to the availability of sophisticated tools that allows designers to create anything their mind can conceive. More and more companies are changing their branding strategies to include these futuristic patterns and images to garner audiences’ attentions. In 2020, continue to look for designers to go all out and produce designs that hit the eye immediately.



Artistic Typography

Artistic typography will be bigger than it was in 2019, experts predict. Designers are looking for innovations in typography to gather attention. Maxi typography, which is a typography concept dealing with heavy, thick, bold and attention-seeking fonts, became prevalent in 2019 and did well. Moreover, it’s safe to assume that 2020 will be the year of thicker fonts and large-size lettering.

Similarly, 2019 saw designers using two-dimensional and three-dimensional shapes along with typography to catch users’ attention. This trend is also likely to grow in 2020, along with higher demand for semi-transparent typography trends. Semi-transparency deals with the concept of overlapping word sections over one another, with the second copy being semi-transparent over images, media, and other elements of the design. I believe it will be a focal point of many design concepts in 2020 and beyond.

In Conclusion

2020 is all about innovative typography, geometric/futuristic designs, and minimalism. Additionally, 2020 will be about unique elements coming together: the real and artificial, the intangible and tangible, the past and the future. Moreover, you can expect to see designers aiming for simplicity in design, with various types abstract elements implemented. All of these design principles in collaboration are used to create hand-crafted pieces of art that are used to deliver powerful messages – how you use the ingredients are completely up to you.

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