Update for Wordpress for iPhone and iPad

22 August

Update for Wordpress for iPhone and iPad

It is not difficult to see why Wordpress is one of the most popular content management systems in the world. Bloggers and businesses turn to the CMS because it is easy to manage, flexible, and adaptive. You can find plugins for virtually any task you need covered, and because it is a free (free is a great reason in itself!), open-source software, there is an incredible amount of support and resources for users. Wordpress has issued an iOS update, hoping to become even more indispensible, this time on the go with Apple’s mobile devices.

What has the iOS 2.8 update added for users?

• “Action-centric” quick photo button.
• Statistical metrics breakdown featured with daily, weekly, and monthly charts.
• Translated into 10 languages, including Japanese, Portuguese, French, and Spanish.
• A fix for ¾ of all the crashes in the previous version of the app. Many users had described the previous version as buggy, and 2.8 seals up a lot of security holes.

Jared Newman of Technologizer points out that, even with the improvements, “the latest app update is still missing major features that no blogging tool should be without.” What are these? According to Newman, there is no quick and easy way to create links. There are also no buttons to enhance text, such as strikethroughs, italics, bold, block quotes, lists, and spell check – which is crucial on a mobile device when misspellings and typos are more apt to occur.

Despite this, the update and its new features gives bloggers another layer of convenience on the go.

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