What Did You Do in High School? Student Designs Cancer Website

06 July

What Did You Do in High School? Student Designs Cancer Website

More and more schools understand the need to incorporate higher level technology education into their curricula. A generation ago, students may have been learning to type on a computer or learning to save documents in Word. Today, though, web design is on the syllabus, and high school students are getting a jump on real-life experience that may be invaluable in their futures. A Bucyrus, Ohio teen was recently tapped to design a website for R&M Cancer Foundation.

High school student, Tony Beam, was given quite an extra credit project when his technology teacher handed him an assignment to design the website for R&M Cancer Foundation, a nonprofit which was established to help families deal with the financial effects of cancer. They needed an effective, efficient way to circulate information on their various fundraising activities. A website was the obvious answer.

The site is relatively simple, with a clear, easily navigable design. Beam says, “I think it went well for the experience I had at the time. Now I would try to incorporate things to make it automatically update so they don’t have to do it all the time…In a normal school, you wouldn’t get this type of experience. The web programs in high schools are basic for the most part. This is more in-depth.”

While many high schools do not offer advanced classes, like web design, more and more are offering it to their students, and Virtual High School allows these creative kids to access education remotely so even if their schools do not offer the class, they can take it online.

Programs like these allow students to get a jump on their training and gather invaluable experience that will help them beat the learning curve in college or in the job field.

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