10 Reasons Why You Need a New Website

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How can you tell when you need to get a new website? You may mistake some of the signs for other factors. If your product just isn't moving, is it because it's a bad product or because people just aren't finding it through search engines? It could also be because your site takes too long to load, it's too difficult to navigate, or it has security issues.

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There are many potential reasons why you need a new website in 2020. Some may apply to you, some may not, but here are the top reasons most businesses get a new website:


10 reasons you need a new website in 2020


1. You need a new look

There's something to be said for classic looks – just not in website design. Unless you're going for a really specific niche, a website that looks like an antique or looks like it was made five years ago will communicate that you don't put effort into your presentation. This will communicate you don't put effort into your product. It's time to get a new website.


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2. You need more features

As your business grows, the complexity of your website grows with it. You may begin to see a need for new apps, more complex plugins, and other tools customers can use to make their experience more enjoyable. Laying this all over a website that's amateurish and not capable of handling such complexity is a recipe for disaster.


3. your loading times are slow

We live in an age where we expect search results and website loading times to be immediate. There are a number of reasons loading times can be too long. Your web hosting may be inadequate. Your site design may be too old, too complex, or just badly coded. If it takes someone longer than 10 seconds to load your site to the point of readability or usefulness, they'll simply navigate back to their search results and click on your competitor's site. Speed also plays an important factor in SEO.

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4. You need to improve your navigation

You have tons of visitors, but no one ever buys anything. The problem's not your product, so what is it? Your website may be difficult for users to navigate. They may be getting confused because your menus are too complicated, or they can't find the information they're looking for. Finding and buying a product should be easy. If it's not, they'll find someone else's website where it is.


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5. Your website looks like everyone else's

One of the most overlooked reasons why you need a new website is relying on template design. If your site uses a template, it will be noticeable. It can seem generic, which is just what you don't want to communicate about your brand. On top of this, templates often don't load well, are hard to work with, and they don't often serve SEO best practices. Chances are that you have a good amount of wasted time and money wrestling with it just to get it to function the way you want. All of those are wasted opportunities, for you and for your potential customers.


6. You need a better mobile user experience

Your website looks beautiful on any desktop computer. Unfortunately, it's a mess on mobile devices. A significant portion of your customers will discover you on mobile, and half of them are more likely to buy if your business is mobile-friendly. Moreover, a lack of functionality on mobile devices speaks to a business that doesn't have its act together. That makes potential customers feel as if you may not come through on a purchase, or as if they can't feel safe entrusting you with their data or private information.

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7. You aren't taking advantage of analytics 

You need to know how people are using your website. This goes far beyond visitor counts. You need to know what pages have a high bounce rate. What pages and content get visitors to click through and learn more? What type of content leads to visitors making a purchase? Are they spending a lot of time on your site, or simply rejecting it? Your website needs advanced analytics that give you the ability to see what's working and what isn't. Knowing this is the key to improving your search rankings.




8. You need a content management system

A Content Management System (CMS) enables you to quickly add and schedule content on your website. Content creation is an absolute necessity for almost any business today, and it's the biggest way of improving SEO rankings over time. An unchanging website won't be adding many new customers, and it may be losing its old ones. A site that's constantly sharing content is one that stays at the top of customers' minds, encourages repeat business, sees loyal customers pushing that content, and drives its SEO upward.


9. Your website is still using Flash

Flash was once revolutionary. That time has passed. Today, it drags websites down to a crawl and creates major problems with mobile devices. It's terrible for SEO and user experience, and it makes navigation difficult. On its own, it crosses off half the signs listed here why you need a new website. Not even Adobe – the company that makes Flash – uses it on their website. That should tell you all you need to know. If your website is Flash-reliant, get a new website.

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10. You need security and compliance

Customers need to feel safe with their privacy on a website. Search engines even prioritize security on a website. It can drastically impact your SEO ranking, particularly with Google. You need to ensure you're compliant, including with GDPR regulations if you collect information on anyone from the EU – which you do if you collect information from visitors, since you'll undoubtedly have some from Europe. Remember that security protects you, too. Businesses can be frozen and made inactive for days by a ransomware attack, and can be legally responsible for extensive financial compensation in the event of a security breach.


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