How to Create a Luxury Goods Website

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What is your luxury goods website missing? It needs to connect with potential customers quickly and efficiently. Take too long to load a complicated intro and your customer is already moving on to your competitor's website. Don't have customization - and your competitor does? They'll buy from the website that offers them such a powerful element. As a Palm Beach web development company, we know luxury and how it's communicated to shoppers online.

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Customization Is King

For any luxury goods website, customization isn't just a bonus – it's expected. It doesn't matter if there are only two variables or 400 variables that are used to customize a product. A customization tool helps whoever uses it embrace a feel of ownership.

Customization means they're not just deciding whether they should purchase the product or not. They're envisioning owning it, what it will look like, how they'll use it. A part of them has already decided to make the purchase, and a customization tool allows that part of themselves to override whatever hesitations they still have.

A well-presented, streamlined customization tool enables your online shopper to also play the part of your salesperson. No one is as good at convincing a customer to buy as the customer themselves.

Membership/Elite Perks

Memberships, subscriptions, and club levels entice customers to make an investment beyond a particular product. They'll make an investment in your brand itself. Your shoppers have disposable income, or they wouldn't be visiting a luxury goods website in the first place. If they were only interested in a product, they'd buy a cheaper version. They're interested in quality, history, story, brand, all elements that are intangible.

Some brands do no-look subscription boxes – customers subscribe to a monthly perk box without knowing what they'll get. Just be sure what they do get is exciting and feeds your brand's story.

Other brands do membership perks related to lifestyle more than the products: a secret concert only their best customers are invited to, or invitations to a gala. Remember "and-one" when you do this. Your customer won't want to go alone and whoever they bring is potentially a brand new, very loyal customer.

Be creative with these perks, and if you decide they're a part of your luxury goods website, be consistent about them. Know that you can deliver them reliably, and do so on time.

Deliver Content

When customers loyally buy from a luxury brand, they want that brand's experience as well as its products. Deliver regular content in the form of blogs, video, photo shoots, image boards – whatever speaks to your brand best. Your loyal customers will share this far and wide, and they'll communicate to others how excited they are to do so. These customers serve as free and vocal advertising.

Share this content across social media platforms so that it's easy for your customers to share to others.


Invest in a chatbot - and make sure it's programmed well. A chatbot can very quickly use questions and keywords to narrow down what a customer is looking for in a friendly way. Their automation means they can quickly narrow down searches and call up results without making your customers wait.

The goal of all of this is to build a community around your brand. They will be loyal buyers and vocal supporters, but that doesn't mean they won't need something in return. Don't waste your customers' time. Every element of your website must serve them. It must be streamlined to get them where they want to be. Offer elements like customization that allow them to linger, play, and talk themselves into a purchase, and elements like chatbots that let them quickly find what they're looking for and make an impulse purchase without thinking.

As a Palm Beach web development company, we know a luxury goods website must cover all the bases. If the customer is enjoying their experience buying from you, if your online presentation and service matches and conveys the quality of your products, then your brand becomes their home base when shopping. Contact THAT Agency today for help with your luxury goods website. 

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