Growth Driven Design & Inbound Marketing – A Perfect Pair

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Inbound marketing is ultimately focused on attracting and engaging users by providing them with content that is valuable. The inbound strategy hinges on the concept of the Attract - Engage - Delight flywheel the idea being that you are constantly striving to turn the wheel and repeat the process. Attracting new leads, engaging them and turning them into customers, delighting them and turning them into promoters. The growth driven design process also operates in a circular fashion with the repetition of the continuous improvement phase. These two strategies when paired together can drive great results for your business.

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Updates and changes to your website in the growth driven design process aren’t just blind guesses. They are coming from data and they are informed by the enhanced knowledge of the buyers journey that comes with an inbound strategy. Often companies struggle to produce enough website traffic and leads. This can often be because they do not have a well-rounded understanding of their customers and their particular buyer’s journey. The growth driven design process in conjunction with an inbound marketing strategy can help alleviate this issue.

When you are constantly analyzing your website metrics and trying to use them to learn as much as you can about your users, their goals and their pain points you can better understand your buyers journey. In turn you can make adjustments to both your inbound strategy as well as your website, refining your content, and improving areas of your website that are not converting your users as desired.

The combination of inbound marketing with a growth driven design strategy can also be helpful in reducing barriers. As a marketer you may become aware of elements of your website that aren't functioning or converting as well as you would like. For example, a CTA that is not driving users to convert. In a traditional web design environment, it's possible that you may not be able to make any changes to it due to IT resource or budget restrictions. A growth driven design model allows you to react to these situations that you are aware of from your inbound marketing efforts with more agility.

The growth driven design process and inbound marketing both rely heavily on data and on understanding the motivations, goals and pain points of your users. When paired together, they allow you to react to changes in the data or in your customers' buying journey and provide your customers with the best possible content and user experience, thereby driving business.

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A Guide to Proving the Value of Your Marketing Efforts | THAT Agency