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THAT Agency Launches New Website for Florida Environmental Pest Management

Posted at Apr 9, 2015 10:14:11 AM by thatagency | Share

Florida Environmental Website
West Palm Beach, Florida- Florida Environmental Pest Management, a leading South Florida pest control company, recently hired THAT Agency to design, develop and market its new website. Seeking a design that’s elegant and modern, Florida Environmental Pest Management hired THAT Agency due to their website design services and digital marketing expertise.

THAT Agency delivered with a clean, responsive, search engine friendly website that provides a resource for South Florida residents seeking information about Florida Environmental Pest Management’s services, capabilities and experience. The site features content about the company’s pest control and lawn care services, as well as in-depth information about the most common insects and pests.

“THAT Agency upgraded Florida Environmental Pest Management's website, which in turn will help them better serve their new and existing clientele,” said Bill Teubner, THAT's President.

In addition to their web design and development services, THAT Agency was tasked with developing and implementing a search engine optimization (SEO) strategy, as well as providing a social media strategy on platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest.

About THAT Agency
THAT Agency is one of the premier full-service, interactive web design agencies in West Palm Beach, FL., whose focus is all about their clients. In addition to their web designs and development, search engine optimization and pay per click management and social media marketing, THAT Agency also provides business planning services, such as: specification documentation, wireframes and competitor analyses, for companies of all sizes, from start-ups and sole proprietorships to Fortune 500 corporations. For more information about all of the services or to get a quote, visit www.thatagency.com or phone 561.832.6262.

About Florida Environmental Pest Management
Florida Environmental Pest Management is a local South Florida family owned and operated pest control company with over 30 years of experience. The company offers innovative and eco-friendly pest management, termite control and lawn care services including ornamental and lawn spraying, granular fertilization treatments, fire ant control and deep root tree and palm beautification. For more information, please visit www.Florida-Environmental.com.

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