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Stop Treating Facebook Ads like Google

Posted at Aug 28, 2014 4:14:58 AM by Taylor De Luca | Share

For several years now business owners have spent hundreds and thousands of advertising dollars on Facebook, yet it almost never seems to meet the their expectations. This is essentially because business owners are treating Facebook as it is a Google search; however, it cannot be looked at like this.

According to a study published by the Journal of Broadcasting & Electronic Media, the number one reason users are on Facebook is to kill time or be entertained. So, rather than attempting to persuade Facebook users to purchase your product or services, as you might on Google, try posting engaging, entertaining, and interesting pieces of content.

As Facebook users are looking to kill time by being entertained, you may run into some potential clients that aren’t quite ready to buy, but have future buying in mind. While this may create a more lengthy sales cycle, it is effective as you are able to collect their information and grow your changes to market to them, in addition to warming them up for your sale.

5 Steps of Creating a Facebook Advertising Campaign

When creating a Facebook advertising campaign, there are five essential steps that should not be looked over. These steps will help you achieve the desired outcome without wondering why your ads are not converting. The five steps include:

  1. Start by creating a sales funnel featuring different ways you may navigate a potential customer to the final sale.
  2. Create a winning offer that is entertaining, holds value, and is engaging. Since most users are looking for entertainment, this is your perfect chance to show your industry knowledge.
  3. Begin running your offer and collecting user data while users are clicking on your ads.
  4. After collecting user data, begin using an email drip campaign or remarketing campaign, this will keep your products and services in front of your potential sale.
  5. Finally, run tests on your ads, offers, and sales funnel to assure you are getting the maximum amount of conversions and return of investment.

By offering potential customer entertaining and attractive content, and not attempting to achieve an immediate sale, you will eventually attract even more customers through Facebook that otherwise wouldn’t exist.

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