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THAT Agency Launches Zeitgeist Section of the Warsteiner US Website

Posted at Jul 20, 2014 10:30:24 AM by thatagency | Share

West Palm Beach, FL- Warsteiner, Germany’s largest privately owned beer brewery, recently hired THAT Agency to increase their brand recognition and social engagement throughout the United States. Desiring to recruit new users while collectively engaging the brand’s current user-base, Warsteiner’s existing US website needed a new tab to serve as a digital repository where both original branded and curated aggregated content could be distributed.

Utilizing their core competencies, THAT Agency created the concept of the new website tab, tagged Zeitgeist. From there, they implemented a custom marketing program that connects consumers to Warsteiner’s Do It Right spirit, sensibility and social conversation. All graphics and content included within the tab were created in-house.

The Zeitgeist tab guides Warsteiner’s fresh new audience of consumers through a series of ironic situations & life-lessons, along with content digestible to the brand's current user base. The tab is constructed of three unique sub-tabs, which house compelling content including quizzes, infographics, and a custom brand aggregator. Designed and developed in-house, the aggregator allows THAT Agency to pull directly from multiple social and news sources to monitor and distribute content. THAT Agency plans to add two more sub-tabs later this year.

About THAT Agency

THAT Agency is a full-service interactive design agency whose focus is all about their clients, including their web designs and development, search engine optimization and pay per click management and social media marketing. THAT Agency also provides business planning services, such as: specification documentation, wireframes and competitor analyses, for companies of all sizes, from start-ups and sole proprietorships to Fortune 500 corporations. For more information about all of the services or to get a quote, visit www.thatagency.com or phone 561.832.6262.

About Warsteiner

Family-owned Warsteiner has been brewing pilsners since 1753, when Antonius Cramer first produced beer at his modest home brewery in Germany. Since then, nine generations of Cramers have built Warsteiner into the No 1 imported premium pilsner among Germany's private breweries. Warsteiner is sold in more than 60 countries, including the US, UK, Netherlands, Italy, Spain, France, Canada and Ukraine and enjoys a series of licensing and distribution partnerships with major brewers such as Carlsberg, Castel, Efes, Mahou San Miguel and SAB Miller. Warsteiner is imported into the US by Warsteiner Importers Agency, Inc. in West Chester, OH. www.warsteiner-usa.com.

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