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How to avoid annoying your visitors

Posted at Jun 26, 2008 1:55:04 PM by Joey Wolff | Share

Sometimes the best way to understand what to do in web design is by knowing what not to do. Here are a list of things you can be sure will anger your visitors; and remember angry visitors spend less than happy ones.

1. Pop-ups
There is not much need for explanation here. Pop-ups are just annoying; especially the ones that are impossible to close. Some claim that pop-ups are still an effective way of advertising, I have trouble understanding this considering most web browsers now come with pop-up blockers already enabled.

2. Slow loading pages
I have said this over and over again; most website visitors are not patient. If your page takes too long to load they will move on! It’s much better to have a page that is plain but loads than one that has too much on it and takes forever. A page should load in under 4 seconds.

3. Flash intros you can’t skip
Flash intros may seem cool but if there is no skip button you are really going to annoy returning visitors.

4. Sites that need extra software
Remember not everyone has the same software. You may think that you are safe making most of your site in Flash but remember not all people have Flash software on their computer. Make sure to have an alternative for the users who may not have the appropriate software.

5. No contact information
Don’t make contacting you harder then it has to be. Nothing is more frustrating then trying to get in touch with a company who has hidden their contact information.

6. Bad Navigation
Make sure getting around in your site is easy. It should be as easy to go to the next page as it to go back to the fist.

7. Clutter
Try to use heading and sub-heading to separate content. This will make information easier to read and will make it simple to find what you want.

8. Unreadable text
Make sure your text is readable. This means dark text on a light background. Just keep it simple it will make it look much more professional.

9. Out of date sites
Update your site often. If you don’t people will think you are out of touch and they won’t want to work with you.

10. Registration required
If at all possible don’t make registration required to see your site. I get that you want to get people’s information but you can find a more clever way of doing that. People are way more likely to give you their info once they have seen what you have to offer.

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