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LAPRP.com Contracts THAT Agency for SEO

Posted at Nov 26, 2007 7:00:00 PM by Michelle Sternbauer | Share

WEST PALM BEACH,Florida, November 27, 2007- The newly launched LAPRP.com will have search engine optimization services provided by leading Florida SEO and search engine marketing company, THAT Agency. The owner of LAPRP.com, The Krongrad Institute, contracted THAT Agency to optimize its site for higher traffic and increased position in search engine rankings. THAT Agency will provide LAPRP.com with services such as link building, press release writing and distribution, and on-site content recommendations.

The newly launched LAPRP.com was made optimal for search engine indexing by THAT Agency during the development of the new site using table less CSS to reduce the code to content ratio. The process of link building in order to increase the relevance and authority of LAPRP.com in relation to its keywords now begins. This process is done through varying techniques employed by THAT Agency including, but not limited to, press release distribution and the creation of linking relationships with webmasters within their clients respective niche.

&quote;We take steps at THAT Agency not just to optimize a site, but also to educate our clients of what search engine optimization is and what it entails,&quote;SEO/SEM Manager for THAT Agency David Snyder stated, &quote;This way clients such as The Krongrad Institute and LAPRP.com are not just employing us for a service, but are in a way working hand in hand with us to assure we meet their needs.&quote;

LAPRP.com is a site devoted to the education of patients about prostate cancer, and the surgical option known as laproscopic radical prostatectomy. Through a well structured SEO campaign, The Krongrad Institute is hoping to spread the word about the relatively painless and bloodless surgical alternative they provide.

About THAT Agency:

THAT Agency is a full service web solutions and advertising agency. They offer services such as design, web development, software development, pay per click advertising management, and search engine optimization. THAT Agency works with companies both small and large, boasting Sol Melia Resorts and Masonite Doors amongst its client list. THAT Agency can be contacted at 561-832-6262, or at their website www.THATAgency.com.

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