4 Benefits of Using a Local West Palm Beach Web Design Agency

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When you are thinking about building a new website or redesigning your current site the choices of web designers and agencies may seem overwhelming. Should you build it yourself? Hire your friend from college's son? Hire that Web Designer who is super cheap but in India? As a local business there are some distinct benefits to picking a West Palm Beach web design agency.

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1. Communication 

The first benefit is pretty simple, communication. If you are working with a local West Palm Beach web design agency communication will be much easier than it would be working with someone who is in a different time-zone or worse yet, in a different country. First off, you know that they speak your language. You are operating on the same business hours so it will be much easier for you to communicate and get quick answers to any questions you might have. Also, when working with a local company you have the option of meeting face to face. Web Design is a creative (and at its best) a collaborative process, this is much more efficient and effective when done face to face. Sometimes you just need to sit in a room together and brainstorm your site architecture or pick out the best imagery for your site. Or perhaps you have a business that is better understood by seeing what's unique about your physical space - a local agency can come see you in person and be better able to understand what's makes you special and make sure that your web presence reflects those qualities as well.

 2. Local Knowledge

The second benefit of using a local West Palm Beach Web Design Agency is that they know your local market better than someone who is out of state. Your website is the online reflection of you and your brand. A local agency may already be familiar with you, or if not they may be familiar with some of your competitors, this will be nothing but helpful to you in designing your new website and online strategy. Imagery plays a huge part of drawing people into your site. A West Palm Beach web design agency will be far better able to choose imagery that will resonate with your local audience than someone else would.

 3. Supporting Local Business

The third benefit of working with a local West Palm Beach web design agency is that you are supporting a local business. As a local business you want to support the local economy as a growing local economy helps everyone. In addition, there are small ways that this local relationship can fan out and support more local businesses. Perhaps you meet with your web designer to walk through the designs at a local coffee shop. Maybe you like the design of the website so much that you want to have some print flyers designed as well and get them printed at a local print shop.

 4. Networking

The fourth benefit of using a local web design agency is networking. As a local business owner you are of course always looking for opportunities to network and make contacts that may bring you new business.  Developing a relationship with a local West Palm Beach web design agency also puts you into contact with their networking circle. Agencies tend to have contacts throughout a variety of industries so they may be able to make valuable and mutually beneficial introductions for you with some of their other clients or local contacts.


If you are ready for a fresh new website design or a face lift of your current site get in touch with THAT Agency. We are ready to put our knowledge of the local market to work for you!

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