7 Tips for Ecommerce Web Design

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Putting your user first is important in any website design project, but it is arguably more important in eCommerce web design. Here are some tips to keep in mind when designing your new eCommerce website that will put your users first and drive sales.

7 Tips for Ecommerce Web Design | THAT Agency

1. Think Like Your User

The first and most important tip to keep in mind when working on an eCommerce web design is to think like your user. Try to put yourself in their shoes, what might they be looking for? Try to make it as easy as possible to navigate to what they want and to perform the tasks they will need. When working through your design always ask yourself if there is a way that things can be simplified even more to make things easier for your users.

2. Images

With an eCommerce site your imagery is extremely important. Use the best high quality images of your products that you can. Make sure they are clear and that you have multiple views/options for each product. There is a caveat to this, while you want great looking high quality images on your site, your site still has to be fast so you want to make sure that they are optimized and not too large.

3. Social Proof

Social proof is important in online shopping, when considering a product people want to hear from others who have bought the same thing. A 2017 study by Bright local shows that 91% of 18-34 year olds trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations! People have come to expect to see reviews from others when shopping online.

4. Your Brand Story

When people come to your site they are buying more than just your products, they are buying your brand and your story. You want to be sure that your eCommerce website design reflects your brand and story from both an aesthetic and content perspective. Make it clear and easy for your users to understand who you are. Think about what you want your customers to feel when visiting your site.

5. Mobile

5. The mobile experience is important with any website design project now, especially as Google shifts towards mobile first indexing. On an eCommerce site, the mobile experience is no less important. Consider your mobile experience carefully, how can you make things easier or more streamlined for users who might be trying to look at products on your site and make a purchase on mobile?

6. Navigation

With an eCommerce site, users are coming to you for a very specific purpose. They are trying to find something. Given these user needs, think very carefully about your website organization and navigation. You want to make your navigation menu as simple as possible. Also be sure to put your navigation in a standard place where users would expect to find it.

7. Search

Sometimes users will come to your site looking for something very specific, make this task easy for them by making your search bar prominent and easy to find. Think about how you navigate a site like Amazon, you go straight to the search bar - assume that your users might behave in a similar manner.

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