6 Trends For Digital Marketing in 2019

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To suggest the digital marketing revolution is here would be an utter understatement. The digital marketing revolution has long since arrived, and with new technologies being introduced on a seemingly daily basis, it's changing faster than ever. Understanding how to make it work for your company typically relies on looking at the trends from year to year. What are the trends in digital marketing in 2019? Take a peek at the six biggest.

Trends for Digital Marketing in 2019

Trends in digital marketing in 2019?

  • VR and AR Meet Marketing: More people than ever are fascinated with virtual and augmented reality, and companies are beginning to take that to heart. Adidas, for example, created the Somewhere Else campaign to push their Outdoor Terrex collection. This VR footage followed two climbers on an ascent of the Bavellas mountain range on Corsica. Potential buyers literally got a chance to walk in their footsteps thanks to VR. Hundreds of brands are looking to experiment with this technology in the future.


  • Voice Based Search Is Still Winning: Voice search is no longer a new tool your brand might use. It's here in a way few ever thought possible. One ComScore study suggested that in the next two years, voice based search will spell half of all search queries. The problem is that text and voice based search are two very different technologies, and marketers will have to get out in front of optimizing for voice very quickly. Check out more on voice search.


  • AI Is Coming: Many businesses have already started to work with AI in terms of powering various technologies like chatbots, but it will become much more popular over the course of this year, and that means an additional focus on what customers want most.


To make AI in marketing really work, though, marketers are going to have to look at the technology to decide how to personalize the experience for the best possible level of satisfaction.


  • More Video: Yes, more. Videos already lead the way in terms of internet traffic, and most people would rather watch than read. That trend isn't going anywhere in the near future. That's likely due to the staggering ROI available when you use video.


One HubSpot survey found that adding a video to your email marketing efforts can increase the click-through rate by nearly 200%, a metric you simply can't afford to ignore.


  • Native Advertising Will Be Powerful: Customers are more marketing savvy than ever. They know when something is being sold to them, and native ads are a great way to reach people without coming across as an ad. It blurs the line between content and advertising, and it's working for many businesses including big brands like Lexus and Visa. What is native advertising?


  • More Companies Will Invest in Programmatic Advertising: This technology hasn't always been available to businesses, but it certain is now, and that's not going to change. This digitization will certainly alter the landscape, and you can expect to see it playing a role in every facet of advertising.


Digital marketing is essential for your brand, and so is staying on top of the technologies behind it. Let us help. Contact us today to learn more about how we can increase your creativity level and use some of these technologies that will be so important for brand advertising.

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