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28 June

Targeting Your Clientele | Inbound Marketing Strategies | THAT Agency

How do you break into your market? Make an impact in your industry? Is it all about knowing the right people? In a word: yes. So... what if you don’t have the connections? Make them, and fast.

 Targeting Your Clientele | THAT Agency


Who You Know

 Is it a “who you know, not what you know” world? For many in business, this adage is not only true - it hits too close to home. While we love success stories - think Bill Gates starting a humble company in his garage and turning it into a multi-billion dollar, multinational behemoth - the reality is that these tales make an impact because they are relatively few and far between.

More common are business owners who have to use every trick in the book to get their product or services noticed. Unless you know the right person to speak to within larger companies or influencers in the industry, you may not attract the attention that you want for your business.

If you know the exact names to contact at companies, then you likely won’t need to read any further. If, however, you’re like more typical business owners then this post, and the tricks of the trade that you’ll find herein, may well be a lifesaver - or at least a business-saver- for you.

The key is to use the right inbound marketing strategies and tactics in order to introduce yourself to the very people that you need to know to help your business grow and thrive. They, then, come to you and are able to become the customers and clients that you need to get ahead.


Targeting with LinkedIn

LinkedIn has been extremely popular in the past few years as more and more “movers and shakers” in the business world realize exactly how much it can help them meet the type of people who can help the business to grow that much faster.

First let’s start with targeting. LinkedIn is ideal for targeting people. The more specific your target is, the easier this social media platform can help you to gain the right audience. Let’s say that you want to connect with the advertising and marketing executives from Company X.  By using LinkedIn, you can learn exactly who those people are through their profiles and groups to which they belong and/or lead - and you give them the opportunity to get to know who you are as well.

Remember the days when you would receive a “cold call”? This is a call from some company or recruiter trying to get you to make a purchase or to work with them. Cold calling simply doesn’t work anymore.

With LinkedIn, however, you have no need of cold calling anymore. The social media platform gives you the chance to let those very executives that you have learned about see the value that you bring to them. Make sure that your content is high quality and that you have a great - and complete - LinkedIn profile. Then you are one step closer to getting the attention that you need, another strategy to inbound marketing.


Targeting and Content Delivery

You’ve identified the people that you need to impress or reach. Now it’s time for the next step: content delivery. A targeted pay-per-click campaign designed to target only the people that you’re interested in getting in touch with can definitely help you connect. By creating specific landing pages and sponsored updates with high quality content you’ll be able to capture the attention of those Company X executives that you identified previously.

Remember to keep a reasonable budget. Instead, focus more on creating the type of content that will truly catch your targets’ attention. Remember that a catchy headline is extremely important if you want to capture their interest quickly. With an eye-popping headline and high quality content you stand a great chance of connecting.


Timing Your Content Delivery

You’ve got your executives targeted, you’ve got your high quality content, and now you need to know how to set up a pay-per-click campaign. But how long do you set it up for? How often should it pop up? For starters, make sure that you don’t oversaturate the industry with your work. You want to stay relevant without being annoying. Having your content pop up three times a week or so (and yes, Saturdays count) is a classic social media move. This time table allows you to keep their interest without flooding your audience with your messages.

You should also have a specific, targeted landing page for the people you’re trying to reach. This way, once the executive clicks on the link they’ll see that you are ready and willing to work in the same industry and that you take your job seriously. They will then get additional opportunities to catch up on the blog posts and get an idea of who you are and what you stand for.

Now it is true that this strategy can take a bit of time to complete. The time to do your research, get your content done, and create a targeted landing page may seem like it’s not worth the effort, but trust us: it is. By targeting your clientele and making them not only feel welcome but also creating content that is useful for them you’re showcasing your skills and are proving that you take your job, and the industry, extremely seriously.

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