Creating Your Keyword Synergy

19 May

Creating Your Keyword Synergy

Synergy is “the creation of a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts.” (Organizational Behavior, 2008). Keyword Synergy is the creation of a search engine optimized site (whole) which is made greater due to keyword focus (sum of its parts). When you have optimized the front and back end of a web page to focus on a particular set of keywords, and you keep on and off-site linking utilizing those same keywords, search engines will begin to see that this page is a great source of information for those particular keywords. This consistency, my friends, is Keyword Synergy.

Selecting Your Focus Keywords

The best way to begin this process is by finding out how people are searching for your website. What specific keywords or phrases are users searching for to find your site? What products or services are they most interested in? What information are they looking for? All of these questions, and any other information you can gather, allows you to create a list of keywords users are searching for when looking for the product or service you offer.

Creating a Keyword Mapping

Once you have your keyword list, you can then select roughly two keywords per page of your website, which will then create a "Keyword Mapping" for you to start focusing optimization efforts. For instance, if you own The Yellow #2 Pencil Company, one of your pages may have "High quality #2 pencil" and "Scantron-approved pencil" as the two keywords you selected through your research. From here, you are going to want all information on that page, including meta data, and all anchor text coming to that page, to be relevant to those two keyword phrases. This gives search engines the impression that this page is a great resource of information for anyone who wants to find a high quality and scantron-approved yellow #2 pencil.

The more Keyword Synergy you keep throughout your website, the easier it is for search engines to index and organize your information when presenting it to a user. At THAT Agency, we implement this winning strategy into every website we design or manage. Feel free to give us a call and see what keyword synergy can do for you!