Effective Link Building Tactic - Syndicate Your Content

10 July

Effective Link Building Tactic - Syndicate Your Content

Article syndication is one of the most effective link-building tactics you can use in your SEO campaign. The goal of this tactic is to distribute articles that contain links to your website to many other related websites.

To be effective at this tactic, you need to start with by creating several well-written articles. Your articles should contain valuable information about a topic related to your website, have entertainment value and must be interesting to read. They should also be free of spelling and grammatical errors. Be sure to include at least one keyword-rich link back to your website in the article body or in the by-line or author information area.

Once you’ve written a few articles, you need to seek out other websites that are interested in publishing your articles. Finding interested websites can sometimes be the most time-consuming part of content syndication.

You should start by setting up an account with a popular article directory or two. An article directory is a great place to publish your article because they get a lot of attention from the search engines and from other website owners who may want to re-publish your article. Many article directories also rank well for popular keyword phrases, which may mean great exposure for your content.

You can also search for bloggers or other websites that write about the same topics that you have. Some of these may be willing to post one or more of your articles as a guest writer. The advantage for the blogger or website owner is that they get to add great content. The advantage to you is that you get a link back to your website.

The key to article syndication is to create really good content which makes it easy to get others to re-publish. Spend a little time on the effective link building tactic and the results will make it worthwhile.